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Attention span? What attention span?

I feel like a hummingbird today. I can't focus. I can't keep my mind on one thing. I keep jumping up and down and interrupting myself. I don't know why. I don't have anything special going on or anything special I'm looking forward to. I'd eat nectar if I could find it.

Did you know that the reason why nothing in nature that can be eaten is blue is because blue means poison? Well, that, and yellow. But not all yellow, just yellow animals. Okay, and not even all of them because hamsters and canaries are yellow. But frogs! Those yellow ones? They're poisonous all right. And the blue ones, too. There aren't any natural foods with the color blue. And don't be all, oh what about blueberries, Liz? Because you know they are not blue. They're purple.

Are too.

Are too.

Are TOO.

The reason why I'm on about this is because my colleague and I just went and bought 1200 kronor worth of blue candy. Not natural. They all look toxic and nasty. Sour and licoricey. The chocolates are okay, because they're just WRAPPED in blue. I made her put a box of white sugar marshmallows in too, because everything looked so poisonous.

Once, when I was fairly young, I insisted on dying the mashed potatoes light blue for Easter dinner. I had some idea that the food should all be pastel because Easter colors are pastel. My mother indulged me, god knows why, and no one would eat my pretty mashed potatoes. There was NO CYANIDE in the potatoes, people! It was just food coloring, I swear! I can't remember if I even ate them.

Nowadays, blue food is IN, it's RAD, it's cool. Blue slurpees, blue popsicles, blue candy, for all I know there's blue ketchup.

OHMIGOD! There IS blue ketchup! I just googled it and there it was!

I have to go sit down now and put my head between my knees.
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I think I was only about 5 when I committed the first of many social faux pas (and that was probably because I didn't have that much of a social life before 5). Anyway, I went on a sleep-over at my best friend's house and the next day, her mother made us pancakes. For whatever reason, she put food coloring in the batter. Now blue batter doesn't look THAT bad to a kid, but once she cooked them, it was more of a blue-grey color, rather like something you'd find living in your vegetable drawer after you'd forgotten to clean it out for, oh, say, 9 months to a year. And I, of course, natural born diplomat that I am, immediately said, "Eeeeewwwww, I can't eat THAT." I have since, of course, gone on to other, greater foot-in-mouth moments, but that kicked my life-long career off. But it just wasn't RIGHT, ya know?

LOL! They sound totally nasty. I would have said the same thing, :D

Kära nån! Dra nytta av energirycket och städa eller något annat tråkigt. Börjar man rensa papper eller så där så brukar såna där ryck gå över ganska fort har jag märkt.

I'm at work, so I'm having a hard time keeping it to an appropriate level. Hopefully it will last until I get home. :)

You do know that blue potatoes exist?

ha! yes! I forgot to mention those! :D Have you had them? I've just seen pictures of them.

And don't forget blue corn. Though that's kind of purple, too.

And again, after it's baked or whatever, it goes grey-blue. To make it even more disgusting, try a blue corn tortilla with green chili sauce over it.

Okay, so I'm the odd one out. I LOVE colourful food. :) That blue ketchup looks pretty cool :)
I remember insisting my mum use food colouring in things. She wouldn't though (it was for 'proper' cooking).

But, I don't think I would've liked greyish blue pancakes. *ick* Those blue nachos are FABULOUS though! Yum! (And they're NOT purple!) :P

Yay for hyper lizards! *bounces with ya*

they are too, purple, those nachos! YUM! Now I'm craving them terribly!! I used to munch down on those all the time in Chicago. *adds PURPLE nacho chips to America shopping list*

*boing boing boing*

I have always made it a habit never to drink anything blue. It was the scary thought of seeing the Tidy Bowl guy when you eventually would throw up the blue drinks. Because you will throw up. Blue is definitely NOT natural.

I'm pretty sure that you and I had Blue Whales together!! It was somewhere in the Chicago burbs, I can't remember the name of the place.

Yiyiyiyiyiyi! I like blue, but the one color you chose to write your entry in just mixed in with my background and I couldn't read it. I had to a comment page to read. :p

Actually, I don't mind blue things. Blue Kool-Aid, blue frozen-popsicle-thingies-in-a-tube are cool. I wasn't fortunate to get dyed food unless it was special occassions such as hard-boiled eggs or the like. :(

LOL! I never even thought about the color being a problem! :) I promise not to do it again :)

It's amazing how just reading a hyperactive post can wake you up in the morning.... :)

:) I have no idea why I was so damn hyper yesterday, today is much more normal, thank goodness!

I have seen blue ketchup- and the purple and green- it all looks nasty.

No food is naturally blue- even blueberries are purple.

thought you might like this page about the color blue and it's effect on the appetite:

what a great link! thank you!!

I've tried the purple ketchup before. It tasted purple and that's just not right. Ketchup needs to taste red!

ketchup is nasty in general! :D


Hopefully when you sat back down and put your head between your knees, you squeezed real hard to get your brain back into place....

Add a keg sized bottle of Advil for your brother to your american shopping list. It costs about 6 euros here for 20 tablets.....which is insane....


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