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I couldn't get on to LJ all day and had to...gasp...WORK. Oh, the humanity! I can't figure out why I couldn't get on...I didn't have any trouble with any other websites, and it's working just fine at home and I'm pretty sure they didn't block it because they always have a firewall page when they do, so wtf?

Life without LJ is so...dull.


Off to go sing now more later
mood: relieved
music: Janis Joplin—Me & Bobby McGee

LJ difficulties

The last few days I've been pretty hurried when checking LJ ... and wouldn't ya know it! It's been real slow and acting weird.. difficult to post, etc..
Sometimes it won't let me see a conversation/other's comment, etc..

Re: LJ difficulties

ohmigod, did you see thqt! you're under qttqck by the Q's! They qre still working on the tqkeover of the qlphqbet, I see. Qmqzing how persistent those little buggers qre!

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