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Mosaic Minds is bright and beautiful with a new masthead by gale_storm and chock-full of incredibly interesting, well-written and amusing pieces from our energetic and talented staff. Go check out the new issue, titled What If?.

by Elizabeth Slaughter-Ek

Her hand is cupped to her cheek
She's finally asleep
My back cramps against the too small headboard
And I ease my way upright

Standing there, I could stand there
Forever my eyes holding her
She's never still
Except when she's sleeping
God knows she doesn't need much
A few hours charge her buzzing body
Send her zooming into the stratosphere
A whirling, smiling childwind

I thought I didn't want kids
My eyes betray me
She's mine I'm hers
What if I'd never seen her
Stomping grinning blur?
Her hand cupped to her cheek

I close the door and leave her sleeping
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