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POW. Every time I think things are going along well, something happens. Not necessarily to me, but even a stab to the heart of someone I care about is like a stab to my own. :( I honestly don't understand why people have to hurt others by being selfish and stupid. There is no excuse, as far as I'm concerned, for some behavior. I know it's hard to be an adult sometimes and it's not always easy to do the right thing, but wouldn't it be nice if people TRIED, at least?!

The sun was shining this morning when I drove to work, the first time in over a month that I think we might have a good chance at a summer day. Sun on the fields makes the poppies glow. Sun on the trees makes leaves translucent. Sun on the water puddles makes diamonds in my eyes.

Yesterday, I had a call at 2 p.m. to come pick up Martin, who wasn't feeling well. When I got there 15 minutes later to pick him up, my heart lurched at the sight of his face. He was pale and drawn, with huge circles under his eyes. He had had a slight fever earlier but it was gone by that time. It was his head that hurt. We went home and I tucked him up in bed with the shades drawn and the lights off and 2 chewable tablets of Children's Tylenol and some water. After about an hour he came out and said he felt better, so he had another drink and then laid in bed to read for awhile. After that he was fine. This is the first time he's had a headache like that, and it sure looked like the kind I get, poor thing.

Tonight, grocery shopping and clean up. Tomorrow: party shopping, cookie baking and FINALLY, going to see Harry Potter. Sunday: 4th of July! Also, countdown has begun to vacation...17 days away. But the amount of things I have to do between now and then, that have nothing to do with getting ready to leave, are staggering. In the next 2 weeks, we have another practice for the regional singing, another goodbye party for a colleague, Karin's 5th birthday which includes 2 parties, the aforementioned 4th of July party, a funeral, a trip to the zoo, a father/kid overnight camping trip, a playhouse to finish, and a dinner with friends.

The possibilities ARE endless...for bad taste: ImagiNail

Fireant-Free Birthday Wishes to totte!
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NO SHIT. :( argh! I'm so MAD for you. And so sad. :( *wraps arms around you and hugs you hard*

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