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I just got called an old fart. I sent out birthday invitations and nearly all of the responses I've gotten back have made jeering or jokey remarks about my age. It's making me want to call off the party. I wasn't sure I even wanted to HAVE a party but I sort of felt like I SHOULD have a party because that's what you do in Sweden, and, I guess, most places, when you have a big birthday to make you feel old celebrate. I don't want to turn 40. I'm not looking forward to it. It really bothers me. I confess that I'm having a harder time with this birthday than with any birthday ever and the jokes don't really help.

Hopefully, once I'm past it, my age won't be a big deal anymore, to me or to anyone else.

mood: bitchy
music: Beatles—When I'm 64


ya know, according to Oprah, a woman in her 40s is the best kind of woman there is. She said that once you are in your 40s you know who you are and are free to be who you want to be.

Congratulations on turning 40 - It looks good on you! :)

Thanks Darcy! I've actually always felt that way, that I know who I am and am free to be who I want to be. :) I think I'm more scared than anything. Silly, I know, when I have so much ahead of me still. :)

To me, my dear, getting ready to turn 54 soon, you'll always be a kid.

Thanks for putting it in perspective! As far as I'm concerned, inside YOU are still a kid, too! >:D

*hugs* You are a beautiful 40 year old, darling. And a wonderful person. Your aging is just like that of a delicious wine!

Of course, if you age wine TOO long or the cork is cracked - but I digress, the idea is to make you feel GOOD about being as old as dirt more mature. Well, maybe mature isn't the right word, but you know.

mature is DEFINITELY not the right word! :D Pbbb!

You're so sweet! *hugs you back* thank you :)

Been there, done that, moving on to a good old fashioned mid-life crisis, care to join me?

I think I beat you to it. :)

From an online acquaintance's POV, you are a fabulous specimen of your age group. Young at heart and in nature and from pics I've seen, you look nowhere near forty. I'm sure that's greatly affected by living a full and happy life. :)

You are too kind :) thank you for cheering me up!

*big hugs*

You don't act your age, look your age or feel your age... so whatcha bitchin at?! :) I actually am quite surprised to hear you're turning 40. I thought you were only mid-thirties tops. :) (And no, I'm not sucking up!)

Don't worry, it's just a number honey. As I said, you're a very together woman. You are happy and have a lovely family, a good job, beautiful home and THE BIGGEST ROCK EVAH!!! *giggle* You knew it was coming up, didn't you. ;)

The rock makes up for a lot :D *laughs*

I didn't get to have a 30th birthday party so I figure when I turn 40 I'll have my 30th then - problem solved! :) I won't wax on about how us woman improve with age, in every sense, including sex life, because you know that already ;), it's just the number that's clearly freaking you out. I'm sure a few presents will cheer you up :)

big sparkly ones especially :)


Ok, Ok, Ms. Old Fart.
sorry I got it wrong.

Wanna feel even older....Your baby brother is 35.

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