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Evening Blessings:
  • singing in 2-part harmony a song I have heard only in my head for 25 years
  • 2-week old kittens and their blue, blue eyes
  • pale evening sunshine like a benediction on the fields
  • 13 para-sailers swooping and soaring over Lomma beach
  • stopping to let a large family of baby geese cross the road
Lund won the prize for the worst weather in Sweden for the month of June, snatching the sunless crown from Växjö who usually wears it. Out of the entire month we only had 184 hours of sunshine, 51 less sun-hours than normal. Gothenburg had 301 sunny hours, nearly twice as many as we did!

After work: pick up prescription, drop off film, buy more film, deli to order kebabs for birthday party in August, grocery shopping, plantskola to buy some GERANIUMS (hot pink and red ones) because all this talk and photos has finally sent me round the bend (in a good way).

The amount of nothing that I have to do at work is staggering. Both my bosses are on vacation. In fact, nearly all of Sweden is on vacation. And soon, us too! 11 days and counting.

I want a massage. I slept wrong and it hurts to turn my head to the right. ow

Cracking Me Up: Hey Dawn? I Got a Rosy Finger For You, Right Here

Because I read blogs written by other parents with smaller children than mine, I can give thanks today and every day that 1) my kids are out of diapers, 2) my kids are no longer going through pacifier withdrawal, 3) my kids don't wake up at dawn (well, except Karin, but at least she doesn't do it every day), 4) my kids can feed themselves, 5) I don't have to follow my toddlers around and tell them "no" every few minutes, 6) my husband gets up with the kids and fixes them breakfast. All of that feels REALLY good. I've heard a few too many hints lately about having a 3rd kid* and to those hinters I say BOO-YAH. No way, josé! The only thing I really, really miss about babyhood is their little pudgy baby feet. They have little kid feet now, not nearly so kissable.

Recently finished reading A Fistful of Sky by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it was so unpredictable and was full of extremely observant details that made it hard to put down. Am currently in the middle of By the Sword by Richard Cohen, which is a very engagingingly written and interesting history of dueling, fencing, swords and swordsmanship. idahoswede, have you read it?

Big Bountiful Baklava-lish Birthday Wishes to miss_hand!

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