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Evening Blessings:
  • singing in 2-part harmony a song I have heard only in my head for 25 years
  • 2-week old kittens and their blue, blue eyes
  • pale evening sunshine like a benediction on the fields
  • 13 para-sailers swooping and soaring over Lomma beach
  • stopping to let a large family of baby geese cross the road
Lund won the prize for the worst weather in Sweden for the month of June, snatching the sunless crown from Växjö who usually wears it. Out of the entire month we only had 184 hours of sunshine, 51 less sun-hours than normal. Gothenburg had 301 sunny hours, nearly twice as many as we did!

After work: pick up prescription, drop off film, buy more film, deli to order kebabs for birthday party in August, grocery shopping, plantskola to buy some GERANIUMS (hot pink and red ones) because all this talk and photos has finally sent me round the bend (in a good way).

The amount of nothing that I have to do at work is staggering. Both my bosses are on vacation. In fact, nearly all of Sweden is on vacation. And soon, us too! 11 days and counting.

I want a massage. I slept wrong and it hurts to turn my head to the right. ow

Cracking Me Up: Hey Dawn? I Got a Rosy Finger For You, Right Here

Because I read blogs written by other parents with smaller children than mine, I can give thanks today and every day that 1) my kids are out of diapers, 2) my kids are no longer going through pacifier withdrawal, 3) my kids don't wake up at dawn (well, except Karin, but at least she doesn't do it every day), 4) my kids can feed themselves, 5) I don't have to follow my toddlers around and tell them "no" every few minutes, 6) my husband gets up with the kids and fixes them breakfast. All of that feels REALLY good. I've heard a few too many hints lately about having a 3rd kid* and to those hinters I say BOO-YAH. No way, josé! The only thing I really, really miss about babyhood is their little pudgy baby feet. They have little kid feet now, not nearly so kissable.

Recently finished reading A Fistful of Sky by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it was so unpredictable and was full of extremely observant details that made it hard to put down. Am currently in the middle of By the Sword by Richard Cohen, which is a very engagingingly written and interesting history of dueling, fencing, swords and swordsmanship. idahoswede, have you read it?

Big Bountiful Baklava-lish Birthday Wishes to miss_hand!

mood: peachy
music: Kinks—Sunny Afternoon


Hm. Pelargoner... Akta dig! Pelargonbacillen kan slå till och det finns inget botemedel mot Pelargonsjukan!

I know! I'm scared! I've seen how it spreads! :)


(mmmm baklava)

Hey! You said that in Swedish! :D

2-week old kittens and their blue, blue eyes

Eee! Kitties! I am a sucker for blue eyed kittens, obviously.

:) They were so precious! But literally 2 minutes of holding them and my eyes were itching afterwards, BOO HOO!! :( They were smokey gray all over with white socks. Their mom has amber eyes though, so I suspect they'll change from blue as they get a bit older.

Mmm, baby feet!

The child's foot doesn't yet know it's a foot.
It still wants to be a butterfly, or an apple.

But then stones, pieces of glass,
streets, ladders,
and the paths of the hard earth
teach the foot that it can't fly,
that it can't be round fruit on a branch.
The child's foot then
was overcome, it fell
in the battle,
was a prisoner,
condemned to live in a shoe.

--Pablo Neruda, "To the Foot from Its Child"

I love Neruda! Thank you for posting that :) I don't think I've read that one before. It certainly captures what I think about baby feet :)

Alex has the most kissable little feet.

Haven't read that yet, but it sounds interesting. I'm in the middle of a great book I got from swingtime, "A Victorian Household", a history of a basically middle-class late Victorian family, using her diaries to discuss the social history. Really fascinating, since their home was inherited by the son, who pretty much changed nothing and it is now open as a museum as well in London.

oooh sounds good! What's the title and author?

I HATE it when people ask us when we are going to have another child.

Me, too, and we have TWO. I remember how annoying it was when we only had Martin and we were PLANNING on having another one. If you're not (and I'm not assuming you are or aren't), it must be even more tiresome.

We are not having another child. And I get SO pissed when people tell me little one needs a sibling. No. You are who you are. If you have siblings- your life shapes one way. If you are only your life still shapes- but in a different direction. I'm an only and I am just fine ;)

Everybody's got opinions on everyone else's's too bad that most people can't keep those opinions to themselves! :P

'A Fistful of Sky' - what a cool title! and what beautiful evening blessings - my evening blessing was chasing the sunset!

and if anyone could tell me how to have a cool picture next to my name, I would love it. Hate to be bland and boring!

She has VERY cool book titles :) Chasing the sunset sounds strenuous! You can only have cool pictures next to your name if you have a LiveJournal. But some people have one ONLY to post comments on the LJ Friends' journals. They're free (with a free LJ you get 3 pictures). Then you can choose how much, or if at all, you want to use the journal, since you already have a blog elsewhere :) Go here to Create a LJ account. *whispers come to the dark side to you* :D

Wait a minute! I'm a DOPE! You HAVE an LJ! Sorry it took me that braincramp to realize. :O

To upload user pictures, you go to your info/profile page, and then choose MANAGE, User Pictures and there you can upload pics. They have to be 100x100 pixels and have a file size limit as well.

thanks, little lizard - I am trying to do and meeting with some difficulty - but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually! how do I get pictures nice and small? *smacks forehead* I'm such a ding-a-ling!

:) If you have some picture you want to make into icons, you can email them to me and I can do it for you. If you're familiar with any photo/image editing program: paintshop pro, or photoshop, etc, you can do it with those, as well. you can email them to me at lizardek [ at ] livejournal . com


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