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It's so nice to be loved. My family rocks. I e-mailed my mom yesterday to ask her to schedule a couple of sessions for me with her massage therapist while we're in the States and this morning she e-mailed me back to tell me that she had already done so before she even got my e-mail. And yesterday in the package of birthday presents that my brother sent Karin, he included 3 CDs for me. Dido's Life For Rent, Amanda Marshall and The Best of REM. Life is good.

I ran a bunch of errands yesterday, so my to-do list is shortening, which also makes me happy. Karin and I went to the nursery and bought a big flat of summer flowers to replace the sad looking pansies in the front pots. We got 4 HOT PINK and BLINDING FUCHSIA geraniums, 2 bright lewisias (bitter-root), 2 peachy golden-pink tea-roses, a big pink begonia, 4 dusty millers and a beautiful orange-red-yellow flower called eldkrona* in Swedish.

I bought marinated pork chops and Anders grilled them up for dinner. We ate out on the porch but the flies were so obnoxious that I don't expect we'll be doing that again any time soon. :( I don't know if there is anything that can be done about the flies since we have a farm behind us with free-range fowl, 3 horses and a gazillion dogs. Because we were going in and out the flies all decided to come in the house every time the door was opened and we ended up a whole posse inside. I killed at least 7 before we went to bed, but of course 3 of the little bastards woke us up at 5:30 a.m. dive-bombing our heads. argh!

Martin and I finished reading Charlotte's Web last night. I've read it a dozen times and I STILL tear up when Charlotte dies. Martin was very solemn as well. He really liked it though, and wants to read Stuart Little next. :) I told him it was a great book, way better than the movie, and he said, "You ALWAYS say the book is better than the movie!"

I'm so pleased that we have solved a huge spam problem with the AWC email aliases. Thanks to a good friend who is a programming wizard, I hopefully won't be getting over a 100 spam emails a day anymore. On the subject of spam, I would SO like to see this show: Spamalot. What a lineup!

My New Love: In Passing...
  • "I don't care, it's hopeless."
    "At least you have hope. I'm without hope."
    "Um. Hope-less? Meaning also without hope?"

    —A guy, and a girl paying half attention to him, in line for the bathroom at Raleigh's.

  • "What kind of 'legitimate' excuse are we talking about? Legitimate like he was a hostage? Legitimate like car problems? Or just hungover?"
    —A businessman talking on a cellphone in line for the ATM

  • "I never even knew it was possible to have feelings one way or another about a drawer organizer. About hanging shelves. Now I've never wanted anything more in my life."
    "I won't protest if you start reading Harlequins again."

    —A woman and a man in IKEA

  • "I've got a lot of T-shirts, but I can only wear a limited selection of them to work."
    "Don't want to traumatize the children, eh?"
    "Oh, no, I'm happy to traumatize children. I just want to keep my job."

    —A guy and a girl shopping at Crossroads Trading Co.

  • "Wait a sec, these are heavy."
    "Come on, we're going to be late."
    "The girls are going to be late, so we can be late. Besides, they owe us a rib from way back."

    —A teenage guy carrying several pizzas, and another teenage guy, outside Round Table

  • "So wait, if he didn't remind you so much of an Oompa-Loompa, it would be ok with you that she's practically being forced to date him?"
    —A girl talking on a cell phone in Target
Best Wishes for a Purr-fectly Wonderful Birthday to chimeraesque!

*literally "fire-crown", Lantana Camara, a member of the Verbena/Vervain family
mood: happy
music: Dido—This Land is Mine


Yay for getting the garden spruced up! :) Can't wait to see the pics when everything's in place. :)

I LOVED the rib one. *giggles* That's so cool that you pay attention. :) AND then share it with us. :) :)

LOL :) They're not mine, I found them on In Passing and I CANT.STOP.READING.

Aaaah! I'll have a look now that I'm home! :) *heehee*

i am very jealous of all you folks on my friends list talking about how beautiful your gardens are getting. i have a total black thumb and can kill dirt. very very pathetic. and i love gardens so much, too.

i adore the In Passing site! thank you! oh, it is so much fun to read!!

I'm a brown thumb, too, trust me. These are store-bought and in pots, I didn't have a thing to do with it! :D

Also, watch out for that In Passing...I've SPENT THE ENTIRE DAY READING THE ARCHIVES. It's worse than potato chips. Good thing I've got nothing to do at work this week!

so, now, the eternal mystery... did you just get this comment a month late and reply now... or did you reply then and i'm just getting it now...

live journal is having fits. i bet it's the new servers they were installing. i hope this means things will be better for a while.

I replied then and you just got it. LJ is definitely having fits. I've just gotten a WHOLE pile, 3 days in a row, of comments from June and early July. Freaky LJ.

In passing! Very funny! Don't you love random conversations!

I do! But I have a hard time remembering dialogue. I need to write it down. :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

And In Passing is going to make birthday procrastination so much better :)

I got hcoked up when Charlotte died also. I read it a few weeks ago.

I love that "In Passing" blog. what a riot!

Dive bombing flies, are the worst. That buzzing sound always kills me. My parents have a golden retriever that is hilarious. The last time I was visiting them, I led her over to the grass then told her to sit down and stay. This fly kept buzzing close to her face. She's such a good dog that she didn't move an inch. Instead she kept snapping her jaw at her opponent. It was so funny. Snap. Snap. Gulp!

You got mail love too...the world is good. ♥

You're so right: the world IS good! :)

Oh I always cried reading Charlotte's Web!

Flies, funny I never pictured flies in Sweden until S told me they had a heap. I always figured it was a very Australian desert country thing :) I HATE flies. I'm sure they have a role in this world, if at the least to kill spiders, but still, they should all just piss off and leave us alone.

Flies don't kill spiders, silly, it's the other way around! :D But I agree, they should all just piss off! I hatesssss them, I do.

Oh god, I am SO losing it....

Thanks for "in passing" - I could use the laughs!


I hear you on the dive-bombing flies. I live on a farm too and sometimes I feel like slitting my wrists those buggers are so annoyingly defeating. Just when I start to drift off to sleep, bzzzz...bzzzz! Picture, if you will, a city girl relocated to the country--for LOVE no less--propped up in bed, flyswatter in hand, ready to kill anything that comes within arms' reach. I'm too cold in the winter and pissy about the flies in the summer!


that was from me, Tracey ( to sign my comment!

I'm so glad you came back to clarify! It was going to drive me crazy wondering who that comment was from! :)

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