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The sky is bloated with rain, the fat white underbelly of the clouds straining to... eh, never mind, do over.

Rain splats, it chitters and chats, it crackles on the windshield, a lacy wash of upwardly mobile raindrops racing, spitter splat. Much better. :P I'm so tired of rain. You would think that after living for 7.5 years in Sweden, I'd be used to it, but no, hope springs eternal. Apparently, so do rain clouds. I keep leaving my umbrella in the car, to make things wetter. I checked with my mom, and it appears that the weather in Michigan isn't much better than here. sigh

Rain makes me think of interminable camping trips with a bad-mood dad and a tent that leaked if you touched the sides, so that no matter how you compressed yourself, you still woke up damp the next morning. It makes me think of my first canoe trip in college where I thought I couldn't get any more miserable and wet and then we flipped for the first of 3 times.

It reminds me of my first autumn in Sweden, when it started raining in September and didn't stop for EIGHTEEN MONTHS. Please God, don't let this be a repeat performance.

Rain makes me sing rain songs. Singing in the rain, Here comes that rainy-day feeling again, Rain rain go away, Raindrops keep falling on my head. A few weeks ago I was singing that last one at the office and someone asked me in incredulous tones, "Do you know ALL the words to that song?" like it was a weird thing.

I like seeing the washed world after rain, but usually that means there is sunshine involved, or at the very least, birdsong and quiet drips from leaves. A few days ago the late evening sun came out DURING the rain and for nearly 20 minutes it was as if it was raining diamonds. Afterwards, we had a double rainbow over Flyinge. We get them fairly frequently, but they never fail to thrill. Anders, who is colorblind, poor thing, gets the kids all riled up by insisting that the rainbows are only blue and yellow. He can only see Swedish rainbows!

It rained the day we got married, poured actually, and everyone told me that meant good luck for your marriage. At the time it meant we couldn't take pictures out of doors and I was very disappointed because when my sister got married, she had the most beautiful pictures taken in a park with a little white gazebo and a little white wooden bridge and greenness everywhere, but she's long since divorced and moved on and we're still married so maybe there's something in it after all.

How Do I Get In Touch With Nokia? The potential usefulness is staggering

This is SO Wrong, in So Many Ways: SmartKlamp or, as we like to call it, Bris-O-Matic

Just One More:*
"The bread was innocent. Leave my baguette out of this."
—A guy speaking very loudly, one aisle over in Andronico's grocery

Okay, So I Lied:**
"Really? What are you going to be doing there?"
"We're going as missionaries, actually."
"...You know Sweden's civilized, right?"

—Two girls walking down Euclid St

*another quote from In Passing that was much too good to pass up.
**I swear, that's the last one.
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