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At the dinner table, conversation the first:
Liz: Daddy makes the best spaghetti sauce in the whole world.
Martin: I don't think so. I like the sauce they have in the cafeteria at school.
Liz: No way, josé! I've eaten WAY more spaghetti sauces than you and daddy's is definitely the best.
Martin: I'm allowed to think differently.

At the dinner table, conversation the second:
Karin: Daddy is not the best!
Liz: *indignantly* He is, too!
Anders: *raises eyebrows, looks at Karin*
Liz: Who's the best, then?
Martin: *pause* Lena Philipsson

*It hurts
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Haha! I think Martin and Lydia would get along just fine!

Problem with kids, they tell it like it is. :-D

hahahahahaha Martin is great!

Hehehe!!! Those are great. I love that Martin says he's allowed to think differently.


Yea! for the different thinking- but Why Lena? Did he explain? I do think Anders is one of the best fathers- and definitely a great chef! Lizardmom

Lena Philipsson is a singer/entertainer here, and she recently has had a LOT of TV time because the song she sang (Det gör ont/it hurts) won the Swedish Melody Festival contest and then went on to win #5 in the Eurovision Song contest this year. Martin voted for her during the TV competition. :)

Ouch, that must hurt. :)

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