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The first thing one notices is how everything is gray or green. Puddles shine their reflections of the sky, a sadly admiring mirror. Moon-pale mushrooms glow wetly in the grass, some as big as saucers. Mottled and moist, the sycamores are studded with snails. A crabapple tree has littered a circle of unripe fruit, scattering largess to the slugs. Pale purple thistle heads crown the meadow edges. Clouds tower, a sky duvet, backlit by high behind sunshine. The spongy ground is swollen, everything's damp and mossy.

I grabbed a half-hour window of opportunity, taking a brisk walk through a wet-washed world, a pause between downpours. Blurred grayness on the horizon signals more rain. The forecast next week is all wet, no end in sight.

Karin's backwards birthday party was a smash success. We hailed each arrival with a hearty "Goodbye!" and about half the kids had their clothes on backwards. The traditional order of a typical party was stood on its head and we began with a candy fishpond, moving on to cake and graduating with hotdogs, before "Engineer Lundström" began his experiment theater, an encore performance from Martin's birthday last December. Anders, in safety goggles, gardening gloves and a red-and-navy-striped apron, captivated his audience by making a wave machine, forcing a milk carton to blow smoke rings before turning it into a water microscope, persuading a floating egg to sink*, and ending with a viscuosity experiment involving a 3-layered glass of water, oil and turpentine, through which the kids learned that cheerios stay on the top of the turpentine, while almonds drop through it to stay on top of the oil and rice fall slowly through each layer to the bottom.

After the experiment theater curtain came down, the kids played musical chairs and another circle game and FINALLY as the parents began arriving, Karin got to open her presents. A doog emit saw dah yb lla!

*It was a rigged experiment, as the egg was floating due to the ridiculous amount of salt Anders had added to the pitcher beforehand. :)
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What a great idea for a kids' party! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

hey Lizardek, thanks for the comments, though I've been rambling and not posting much. Loved your party, and enjoyed your romp through the rain-washed north. I bet it's nice and cool up there, too. (wipes sweat from brow.)

It's VERY cool, which I wouldn't normally mind, but the endless rain is getting to be a bit much. Since summer is already so short here in Sweden, it's hard not to be resentful when we don't get ANY warm days. You've been missed, but I'm glad you've been having such a lovely visit. :)

Oooooh, a nerd party! I would have loved that! :)

What a cool birthday party!! That is such a great idea, sounds like so much fun :)

Great idea for a party! I plan to try that sometime!

beautiful discription of the weather! .ytrap a rof aedi ytfin

Ouch, that hurt my head.

Hey! Nice to see you on LJ :)

What a cool party- I love the idea! I even made DH come in and read about the mad experiments. You inspire me! Our DD turns 4 in Sept.

If you want the details, let me know. They're all easy with stuff you have in the kitchen or garage :)

I'll think about it. After last year's mess we said next time we would have her party somewhere else!

Barnkalas! Är ni utmattade nu? ;-)
Fast idén med baklängesfest var rolig och jag kan tänka mig att det passade fröken K som handen i handsken. Experimenten verkar jätteroliga!

Hahaha! We WERE pretty zombie-like for several hours afterwards!

You're the coolest mum and dad ever! :) Backwards party AND cool experiments too! :)

*big hug* Happy belated Birthday to Karin!!

You're not late, her actual birthday is tomorrow. I'll tell her you said happy birthday and show her your userpics, which she will love!

The party sounds wonderful. So does the experiment theater. I may in fact want to have a backward party some time! It would be a blast. I love theme parties. One of my favorites was a banana split pot luck. Yumm.
What is a candy fish pond?

A candy fish pond is a TRADITION in Sweden. :) A child's birthday party isn't complete without it. We prepared bags of candy in advance, and then covered a doorway with a blue sheet and pinned paper fish to it. Anders made a fishing pole from bamboo and a snap clothespin on string for the kids. They put it over the edge of the sheet and he attaches funny things (diaper, underwear, mitten, his ear) to it for them to pull up. They reject the silly stuff and throw the line back over upon which he attaches the bag of candy :)

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