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I've lived in 29 places in my lifetime. That's a lot of places to remember. The reason I'm thinking about this is because some days I wonder if the home we have now will be my last one. That is, will we ever move again? I would assume that at SOME POINT, if we stay in this house, which I grow to love more each day, the kids will move out and it will be too big for just the two of us, and we'll consider moving to an apartment or a place that is, at least, lower maintenance. We talk occasionally about moving somewhere ELSE, not in Sweden and not in the U.S., where Anders and I can BOTH be the foreigners together for once. I don't know if it will ever happen. I don't know if we're stuck now and just don't know it. Right now, all I know is that I don't want to move.

I would need to pick my mom's brain in order to find out things about many of the places we lived before I was school-age. We lived in 3 different places in Great Falls, Montana, for example, when I was very small, and I remember nothing. My sister and brother were both born there. We got our (only) dog, Heidi, and Tish, our first of many cats. I know there was a LOT of snow because I have pictures, and I'm pretty sure I've been told that during one winter in Montana, the snow was so high that we built tunnels into it, but sometimes I think that's something I read in a Little House book and not something that actually happened to ME.

From Montana, we moved to Knob Noster, Missouri, the place with the best name of all the places I've lived. I don't remember a lot about Missouri either. I had my stomach pumped after eating something in the woods across the street that I thought was grapes and turned out to be undissolved pesticide. I learned to ride a bike, my sparkly metallic green machine with a matching banana seat and a basket with flowers on it. I played captured princess with friends and my sister and her friend David Peacock touched tongues which grossed me out so thoroughly that I STILL remember it. :D I remember taking my Madame Alexander India doll to school for show-and-tell and losing her pretty gold coin earring and her little snake bracelet with the ruby red eyes. My sister and I were slowly acquiring the Madame Alexander country dolls, each one dressed nattily in the traditional costume of the country she represented, and even though they were supposed to be look-at-only dolls, we played with them, thus destroying any value they might have had today. :)

Missouri was where my sister and I explored Baby Face Creek and where we had a huge basement, one corner of which was our playroom. I remember a party that my parents had, where they covered the basement walls with brown butcher-block paper and my mom drew huge copies of comic strips: B.C. and The Wizard of Id and Beetle Bailey, all over them and the guests drew and wrote on the walls, and my sister and brother and I snuck downstairs and ate the black olives set out as appetizers. Our playroom had a full play kitchen and my mom saved food packages and boxes and washed out tin cans to give us authentic food to use in it. Missouri was where my sister tied a couple of pillows around her middle and threw herself down the basement stairs to "see what it felt like." Karin takes after HER, you see. :)

I went to Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade in Missouri. We were close enough to walk to school, as it was only about 7-8 blocks away. One day after I had left for school, my mother left the house quite some time later and driving away down the street, found me only halfway to school, walking v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y along the sidewalk. I wonder if I ran when I saw her. :D Missouri was where my sister and I had mumps together and then gave it to my brother. It's funny, other than the basement, I can't remember a thing about the layout of the house or yard.

Next stop: Nebraska


Things I Sometimes Miss Being Able to Do: cartwheels, headfirst diving, skipping class, shopping on State Street

A Blogger's Fear: I actually began to worry (in an abstract and entirely brainless way) that the number of thoughts one person can entertain in a lifetime is firmly finite and that after thirty-plus years of caffeinated munkie brain, where my mind whirls at fourteen times the pace of other animals in the jungle, simultaneously teasing the water buffalo, perfecting banana cream pie recipes, mining the mites off of my neighbours, reading Kafka and comic books, and jeering at the various organ grinders that pass my way...I have chewed through all my jaunty, worthwhile thoughts and will spend the rest of my life rocking slightly on my heels with a bubble of drool in the corner of my mouth, staring slack jawed at my feet, mumbling dully "um, what was I gonna do now?" swiped from Wee Me & The Wolf
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I love reminiscing posts like these....

P.S. I miss shopping on State St. too :(

and Michigan Avenue, and Woodfield Mall, and Belmont, and Clark, and EVERYWHERE in Chicago! *sobs*

threw herself down the basement stairs to "see what it felt like

Have I told you about the time I stepped on a nail (nailed into a board, so it stuck straight up!) intentionally so's I could have a round bandaid? :)

NO! you haven't! eek. you're lucky you didn't get tetanus! Have I told YOU about the time I stepped on one of those 3 pronged garden forks and had to get tetanus shots? ow

love this post! Being a moving around gal myself I love to hear about other's travels.

I may have to post one like it myself. :)

please do, I'd love to read it!

I've lived in 26 places... You dad was military?

Air Force :) And I moved a million times in college as well, and afterwards. I'm a moving fiend!

Lovely journal entry. 'Knob Noster' is the greatest place name ever.

I've lived in the same place for 33 years. I love the comfort of knowing the place but I think I've missed out on the variety you get from moving around.

33 years! same house even? wow. I agree with you about Knob Noster even though I have a partiality for Bad Axe, which is where my mother's father was from :)

Wow, another moved around alot person... I might have to compile my own list... though unfortunately as a daughter of a single mom, most of those places were boring old apartments ;-)

I just keep track of the cities we lived in. Who can keep up with apartments and rentals? I fear to know how many actual buildings I've lived in.

what a great post! all that meme stuff really had me reminiscing - I'll have to steal your idea and post about a few particular memories. It sounds like you had an extremely cool mom. And I love how she found you walking to school very s-l-o-w-ly.

actually, I think it was YOUR post with the meme memories that started me thinking :) My mom is the COOLEST :)


Oh yeah,,,,,you ran..... past several houses and tried to hide in a ditch! Skipping school in Kindergarten!!! It was so embarrassing to take my 5 year old into school about 1 hour late and say you were found skipping school!!! Maybe that's why you didn't cause so much trouble as you grew older! HAHAHAHA! Lizardmom

I also had those Madame Alexander dolls when I was little, and I also played with them, wrecking the "value". :)
I hope it's ok that I added you to my friends list; I noticed that you keep posting all this lovely art to various communities. :)

We still have them all, though, and my sister is slowly trying to "refurbish" them so that HER daughter can enjoy them as well. :) Even if it DID wreck the value, I'm glad that we played with them. And welcome! :)

Knob noster??!! Hysterical.

I think you should all move to Paris, so we can live in the same place for a while :)

Love the excerpt on a Blogger's Fear :)

Most of us are in Sweden, so I think YOU are required to move HERE! :D

This is good. Took me back to my list of where I’ve lived and reminded me that I’ve got a question or two about that for my Dad. Anyhow, as far as I know, my count is 24, and I’m not a military brat! Most of mine were in adulthood. Makes me loathe to move. I’ve done it enough. When will I land somewhere? I have been at this last place for 7 yrs. I had hoped it would be the last place I rented before buying again. Oh well. Learning to flex again.

If you stop flexing (or learning, for that matter), you'll die :) Change is inevitable.

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