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I'm in anticipatory slo-mo-speed-freak mode. It always happens right before a big trip. It's all ohmigodwehavesomuchtodo and not enough time and how are we going to get everything we need to get done done before we leave and at the same time it feels as if t i m e s l o w s d o w n and our departure date will N E V E R A R R I V E. Or maybe it's just me.

My friend, whom I was going to have lunch with on Monday, changed our lunch date successively to Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday (today) and then called me this morning to cancel. She's sick. With an ear infection. Strangely enough, instead of getting upset, it's just making me laugh.

Tomorrow we are dropping the Volvo off for yet another service visit...this time it's apparently the computer that isn't telling the engine when to shift correctly, and causing the car to groan and shudder when braking. Then we will be in Malmö at 10:45 a.m. for a funeral. This will be my 2nd time at a funeral in Sweden, although I expect this one to be a little less emotional since the deceased was the nearly 80-year-old and very sick girlfriend of Anders' uncle. I only met her a couple of time when we first moved here, but was very captivated by her. She has had debilitating arthritis and other physical problems that have conquered her completely over the last few years, leaving her blind and all but a vegetable, so her death must have been a relief in some ways for all concerned. A sad way to go, though. Anders says when she was young she was a beauty and extremely charismatic.

Tomorrow night Emily & Martin are coming over for dinner. Emily has all but promised to bring homemade vegetable sushi with her, so if it doesn't materialize I'm going to be VERY disappointed as I probably won't have much chance to eat sushi while in the States since my mom lives in the boonies.

We have to be at the airport at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning, which means, since we're taking the train from Malmö, that we have to get up at approximately 5 a.m. I am SO not looking forward to more than 24 hours of travel. I bought several puzzle/play/coloring books for the kids, plus push-up crayons and a travel game, hopefully those will help. Any other ideas for entertaining 2 children during approximately E L E V E N H O U R S of flight time are much appreciated.

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17 hours in a car! Well, at least you could STOP and get out and stretch a bit, and the scenery changed during the confinement. We can't take much, you're right, which is really restrictive, because we want to be able to bring HUGE LOADS OF LOOT back with us later :) I'm going to hand out the new stuff a bit at a time, too, and hopefully the airline will have a kid's packet like they usually do.

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