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There's a very strange phenomenon going on outside the window. I noticed it this morning, in fact, I noticed it last night, but I thought I was hallucinating or overtired or something and convinced that it wouldn't last longer than a couple of hours, I blew it off and went to bed. So, when I woke up this morning (to the delicious sight of my freshly showered and shaved husband in a freshly ironed white dress shirt and boxers, yum) and saw it again out the window, I thought I'd better not acknowledge what was going on in the hopes that by ignoring it, it would not notice that I had noticed it. It was still there when we left the house, and I have tempted fate by allowing the phenomenon to dictate that I DID NOT PUT ON A JACKET.

I'm pretty sure it can't last, but I'm a cockeyed optimist and I can't get it out of my head.*

It's a cloudless, robin's-egg-baby-blue sky. With sunshine, that elusive tease. We may finally be having a summer day. Ssshhh...don't scare it away.

Really, REALLY Good Writing Out There Right Now: Hippy Pappy Bthuthdth Thuthda Bthuthdy

*plus I figure trying a little reverse psychology on the sun can't hurt.
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That was great, and sad, because I used to think of Lennart that way too.

:( I know. But you know what? You'll find someone else to feel that way about sometime, and when you do, HE will feel the SAME way about YOU. *HUGS*

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She IS a good, and brave strong woman, and she doesn't deserve what her husband has done to her. Thanks for sending such positive vibes to my friend :) and HUGS to you, too. I know such cool people!

That was amazing. :) I almost got tearful! *shock horror*

Hey! Have you seen this site? Bellydancing/Cheesecake Gallery


cue the beatles - *here comes the sun, here comes the sun* I wish you much happy sunshine! And hopefully there will be sun wherever you go in America. We have plenty here in Mississippi, I'll give you a purseful.

thank you! A purseful of sunshine sounds like a story :)

okay, after I offered you a purseful of sunshine, the sky grew dark - I obviously wield much power in the weather realm!

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