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Today is the day I thought we'd be leaving for the States. I had the wrong date in my head for 3 months, because I'm stupid about numbers that way. I had the day we RETURN mixed up with the day we LEAVE. Anyway, we are NOT leaving today, we are leaving tomorrow, and while I'm feeling good about the state of readiness we're in, I'm getting that little extra frisson of jumpiness that makes me want to leave NOW.

The laundry is all done and folded but not put away. Martin and Emily were here last night until MIDNIGHT, but it was okay because we got done all the things we had planned to get done. Anders finished the playhouse 99%, it just needs glass/plexiglass in the windows and a bit of trim put on its little porch. It's like a little miniature house out of a story...which is exactly how it was planned. Martin wanted the house to look like Pettson's house. Pettson is the man who lives with Findus the cat (my user icon) in a series of wonderful, beautifully illustrated Swedish children's books by Sven Nordqvist. Pettson's house is brick red with a black roof and white trim around the windows. It has a green door with a diamond-shaped window in it and a little veranda porch with benches on each side. And now, we have its little mini-me version in our backyard. Pictures will be posted upon return from the States with our new digital camera, but for now you can see a shot of it in an earlier stage:

Karin is at a birthday party, and Martin is hanging on my mouse arm alternately asking when I'm done and if we can look at the funny eggs. Anders went to the garbage dump and then to work for a couple of hours. I am going to eat lunch in a little bit and then pack suitcases and toys and then we are going to friend's for dinner.

Countdown: 1 DAY! woo hoo!

Happy Birthday Wishes to sandykins57 and slxception!

So Damn Funny It Hurts: Love & Methane or, as we call it in the Ek household, "Did somebody step on a duck??* (be sure to read the comments, they're the best part)
ready to go
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Great photo, it looks fantastic! Martin's gonna have to fight the ladies off when he grows up :) Have a safe journey!

When he grows up? We're ALREADY having to beat them off with a stick! :)

I bet. It's those sultry eyes you've passed on to him :)

*HAR!* :D

Great photo!

Around here, it's, 'Sorry, stepped on a toad.'

Great picture. Martin looks very serious! Karin looks like she would enjoy a good drunken superman joke.

Karin IS a good drunken superman! :D


Hope you have a wonderful trip. I'm holding thumbs that your flights will go smoothly. Will you be able to post while you're gone?

/tracey ()

thank you for the thumb-holding! :) I'll be posting fairly regularly from my mom's if not quite every day :) Hope the summer weather continues to improve for everyone in Sweden while we're gone!

tee hee! once i got our departure TIME mixed up with our arrival TIME. so uhm yeah, we showed up at the airport about an hour LATE :)

surprisingly, the airlines let us rebook for the next day for free :)

I have a livejournal user account now! But still have my own blog...just testing the service. Hope you're traveling well!


welcome to the dark side, tracey! :) I like your userpic. I've added you, even though I know you will keep your blog. It's more fun to comment on LJ posts when you don't have to post as "anonymous." I have several "friends" on my lists who have other blog servics, but got LJ's just to be able to comment on the journals of people they read :)

Cute picture! Your playhouse looks great already. Is it big enough for adults to fit into as well? If I had one of those I'd be in it all the time, and I don't even have kids. ;)

Hee! I know, I always wanted a playhouse :) We moved around too much, though. This one is roughly the size of a twin bed, and while you have to majorly stoop to get inside, I can stand comfortably in the very center without bumping my head. :)

As I said on my journal, thanks for the birthday wishes. Good luck on your journey.

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