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Traveling went well, even though it took forever, and we are now on the other side of the pond, safely ensconced at mom's, and I'm about to collapse so goodnight everyzzzzzzzzzzz
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You're here you're here! Well, not HERE, exactly, but I can totally sense your presence on this continent. WOO HOO!

Nighty night.

P.S. It's going to be weird having you so close in time zones!

hee! :) There's a very slim chance that Anders and I might steal away for a day or two to Chicago if we can swing it (it's VERY slim, but we'll see) so if we do we'll even be in the SAME CITY at some point!

If you do, let me know...maybe we could have lunch or something! I'm out in the burbs, but Chicago's totally doable for a weekend lunch or a weekday dinner.

There's also a slim chance that Rob and I will be in Michigan for a weekend in August. That's where my brother and sister in law live, and we're invited out for the kids' birthday parties. They live in a Detroit suburb. Is that close to where you are visiting?

Where in Detroit and when? We're outside of Port Huron, so only about an hour from Detroit, little more depending... :) I'll be gone to Oregon from August 4-9, and we fly back to Sweden on the 16th, but let me know and maybe we could work something out, especially if the Chicago daytrip doesn't fly. :)

My brother lives in Waterford, which is a northwest suburb of the city. I mapquested it, and it looks like it's about 70 miles from Port Huron. That's not too bad! We still don't know if we'll be able to get out there, because the weekend in question is the weekend after we move. But we're going to give it a try. We're probably (but not definitely) going to be in Waterford August 13-15. We'll have family stuff on Saturday afternoon. So...let's keep this in mind and see if this works out! How fun. :)

Yay! I was thinking about you all day wondering where you were at that point. Good to know you're safe and sound. :)

It's like a voice from the Great Beyond ... it's only been a day or two, and I'm already missing your posts!

I'm glad the trip went well.

Glad to hear it - cute icon!!

Yay! Have a Double Stuff Oreo for me! And some Reeses cups and a Frosty and anything yummy from Dairy Queen... and .... umm... that's enough (for breakfast, anyway!)

Have a fabulous time :) Don't forget to rest though, or you'll be knackered all the time. :) *BIG HUGS*

Welcome back to good ol North America!

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