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My mom's computer is so old and slow, plus she's on a modem that just checking my email takes FOREVER, and I'm afraid that keeping up with my Friends list and blogroll is going to be next to impossible for the month that we're here, although I'll do my valiant best. Just don't be surprised if I'm not commenting as much as normally would, since we're living in a technohole this month.

Our new digital camera was waiting for us, with the wrong memory cards unfortunately, so Anders is calling Abe's (in Maine) to get it dealt with. I've already had an English Muffin (YUM!) and the kids are trying very hard not to turn up their noses at all the strange food choices they're being offered.

The temperatures are cool but the sun is shining and the sky is blue. This is such a lovely green wooded area. :) We managed to stay up until a proper bedtime last night and all of us slept well, waking up at just after 5 a.m., so hopefully we'll have jetlag licked pretty quickly.

My sister's redheaded kiddos are here, and she and Tom arrive back tonight, having taken the weekend as a date and gone to Mackinaw. We have massages scheduled this week, and we're going to the Ann Arbor Art Fair (!!) on Thursday, as well as getting a family portrait taken. Anders is going to Ohio on Friday for the weekend to see a Superbike competition, and it's my grandmother's birthday so I think I can safely say that my vacation will be equally as busy as my regular life :D

Family visits, shopping, time with friends, laying on the deck and walking the dogs...life is good! I love vacation :)


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