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My sister's son, Bryce, who is 2 years old, has a wild mop of bright orange curls on his head and bright blue eyes. Driving around Detroit yesterday, every time he saw a car he recognized he would call out its name until someone acknowledged him by repeating it. So the ride was punctuated by his chirpy voice, "PT Cruiser! PT Cruiser! Mini Cooper! Buggy Car! (Beetle)"

Our new digital camera is scrumptious. It has so many nice features and takes such wonderful pictures! It's driving me crazy already that I can't post them from here.

As we pulled into my mom's subdivision last night and passed my uncle's house (it's for sale), Anders saw a light on there and a car in the driveway, so we backed up and pulled in to investigate. My aunt and uncle were there, along with one of their sons and his family, going through the nearly empty house to take some more things home. It was so great to see them as we hadn't yet called to arrange a time to get together. I'm sad that they are moving out of that house...and sad that they are moving away from the neighborhood and my mom. They've essentially moved to Florida in the last couple of years, and have now bought a condo near their grandchildren in Detroit to stay in when they're in Michigan. They were suggesting that WE buy the house and move back to the States :) heh.

It's been close to 90 this week and expected to last a few more days. Tomorrow we are going to the Art Fair, which ought to be interesting with 4 little kids in tow. Maybe we can convince Anders and Tom that they'd rather stay home and entertain the kiddies. :)

It's not as weird being in the States this time as it has been in the past. Then, I was so struck by the differences that I seemed unable to stop noticing them. This time, I'm just enjoying it (and granted we haven't been out of the house much yet). It's just "home," in a different way than it's been in the past. It's NOT home, but it's the country that formed my biases and cultural identity and I think it's comforting to be here in some fundamental way.

I keep speaking Swedish to strangers, though. :) It takes me a minute to realize what I'm doing. The kids are doing really well with all the English, although Karin is struggling a little to use it. Being here will be really good for her speaking ability, and for MINE! It's funny that I need a good solid dose of English immersion myself, as my own language has gotten sloppy and deteriorated and Swenglish has taken over in too many ways.

Carried to Ridiculous Heights: A sign at the upscale marketplace grocery store, Nino's, proclaiming the availability of "Gourmet Lump Charcoal." wtf?

My sister and I tortured my husband on the ride home last night, by putting ULTIMATE MANILOW in the CD player and singing along at the top of our lungs to Barry's greatest hits. At one point, he asked me for the bag of books we had bought earlier that day, and I passed him his new motorcycle book. "No," he said, "I want the bag." "You can't barf in the bookbag," I said, while the dramatic strains of Even Now swirled around us. "Well, I can't barf in the seat pocket!" he said. Sarah and I howled with laughter but we didn't turn the volume down.

I'm paying for it today though. Miss Doxie was right.
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I'm glad that you're having fun! It seems strange that you're so close to Daisy and me now. Toronto is not all that far from you.

It's a shame we don't have more time to travel around and meet all my LJ buddies! :) You are REALLY close to us, least we are about 10 minutes from the bridge over Lake Huron at Sanilac/Sarnia.

First, I'm glad to see Bryce got hair, the last time I saw him he was pretty much a cue ball.

Second, there is no evil like Barry Manilow and I wish I had been there to make it an even fight.

Third, that post my Miss Doxie was just plain hilarous.

Fourth, say hi to the Art Fair for me, I will be there in spirit.

I so wish I could post pictures from here, but you'll have to wait to see Bryce! His hair is JUST LIKE SARAH's!! :)

I'm really, REALLY paying for that Manilow, I tell you, it was NOT worth it. I cannot get that damn song out of my head....aaaagh!!!

What in the ever-lovin' fuck makes charcoal, any charcoal, gourmet?

Hee! Dunno...I pointed out the sign to Anders and he let one rip and said, "There's a gourmet lump for you." >:D

I so want a red-haired baby one day. You should post a picture of your nephew!

I will, but you'll have to wait...I can't do it from my mom's. So, I have to wait until I get home. argh!

Sounds like you're having fun, but I think you have been living a little bit too long in Sweden. lol. :)

I hope to see some pictures when you come back.

so glad that ya'll are having fun on your vacation. The Art Fair sounds like oodles of opportunites for inspiration and fun! I don't know what I would do if someone just walked up to me and started speaking Swedish. Perhaps I would think it was some slurred Southern dialect that I can't understand? 'Cause that happens all the time!!

I know what would happen if I started speaking Swedish to you. You would give me THAT LOOK. I've been getting THAT LOOK a lot lately :D The one that makes me realize people occasionally think I'm from another planet. har!

I SO understand that need to be back in the mother country for a while every year. It sounds as if you're having a great visit, too. And there is no substitute for making bi-lingual children than the visit back to the mother tongue every year. Kids who never hear their second language in cultural context tend to reject it at some point, so yay for you. And good for them.

I love Barry!!!! Glad you're having fun :)

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