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Ready to Leave This Morning For The Art Fair:
Liz: We're leaving now, hey, honey, give me all your cash.
Anders: *goes into the house, returns and hands me a 20 and a 1-dollar bill*
Anders: We owe your mom 20 for the pharmacy.
Liz: *looks at the dollar* That doesn't leave much for buying art.
Anders: Spend it wisely.

Ain't Really Complaining: Christ, it was bloody hella hot today.

My sister and I are playing cutthroat cribbage. Last night, after we both had a reminder of the rules from Mom, who is the Queen of Cutthroat card games, I whomped her butt 3-0. We just had a rematch...she won the first game, I won the second and we paced each other all the way up the board through the third game until it ended with me predicting and then PEGGING an awesome hand and KEELING HER DEAD! muahahahahaha!
mood: triumphant
music: wind whistling through the birches


sounds like good family fun(those cutthroat games)
it was bloody hella hot here too..geeze

Wow! What a generous guy. :)

I love cribbage. Used to play it with my Gramps. He said it was "a gentlemen's game". *shrug*

Anyway, what are the rules for cutthroat cribbage? I must know!

It's regular cribbage, it's just our attitudes that are cutthroat :) It's SO MUCH FUN! We do victory dances, too. :D

I must know more about cutthroat cribbage! We play a version of scrabble we call "killer scrabble" - where everyone has only 1 minute to put down their word! Very hard with only 2 people - you have to count your score and draw your letters in the other person's 1 minute, plus time the other person and give a 10 second warning.

It is called "killer" because some people want to kill you after playing it.

har! that scrabble version sounds like fun :) We used to play Trivial Pursuit with a "spilled wedgies" rule where if you flipped your pie or any of the pie pieces fell out (which happens way more often than you might think) you lost them and had to get them all over again.

Cutthroat really refers to our attitudes, not the game itself :) We're so obnoxious. My husband is scared of us. Last night when I pegged that awesome hand we were laughing so hard we were crying, hyperventilating, screaming with laughter and Anders and Tom thought we had totally lost our minds. :D I'm laughing again just thinking about it :)

DH gave me $60 cash today fr my birthday to spend tomorrow at a RS show. It slipped out of my pocket in the car and we thought I had lost it. DH was like "too bad you won't have money now!" I was glad to find it!
Enjoy the games with your mom.

Lawdamercy! We had to leave Sweden to get summer. It's set to be near 100 (37.8 C) degrees here in Seattle tomorrow! It's 36 today. My blood is just too dang thick after the Swedish winter/summer. What's a girl gotta do to get a little relief?? Shade, shade, where's the shade?!

LOL! We did, too. It was 95 yesterday but today it went zooming back down to the low 60s and it's supposed to get down to 49 tonight! Good thing the sun is shining!!!

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