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Cribbage count is 10-3 (me). Yesterday while we were playing and I was struggling to add some simple math to figure out my points, I looked up at my sister's resigned face and said, "This must be really painful for you to watch." She waved at the scoreboard where my little red peg was lording it over hers and said, "You have no idea." Trying to play a game that involves a lot of addition isn't easy. I keep having to climb over that math blocking wall.

Anders is in Ohio, watching a Superbike race. He took the digital camera with him, because, you know, you can never have too many pictures of strangers on motorcycles.

It was my grandmother's birthday today. She is 88. You would never know it by looking at her. She has the finest, smoothest skin and looks SO young. She came to Sweden to visit us when she was 85. The kids were all glued to her like magnets the entire afternoon. Sarah made a French Vanilla birthday cake and we decorated it with buttercream frosting flowers and candles that spelled out H-A-P-P-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y. We had purchased caramel frosting but Mom and Sarah decided it smelled too strong so they are saving it to use on MY birthday cake, one of which will be spice (my favorite) and one of which will be CINNAMON SWIRL. How yummy does that sound?!

The temperature dropped precipitously yesterday and it's been hovering in the low 70s. It was freezing in our room last night and this morning when I woke up with Karin kicking me in the side, but we sure slept well. The sun keeps shining and the Midwest smells SO GOOD. Tomorrow we are taking the kids to Sears to have a group shot taken. Wish us luck! :D

Only a couple of things would make this vacation more perfect: if my brother and Simone were here, if we could afford to go to Chicago, and if my aunt and uncle weren't being so freaky weird.

I'm in the middle of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything and it is SO interesting. It's science for laymen, and explains, like it says, nearly everything. I'm staggered by some of the stuff I've learned. I enjoy all his books, no matter whether he's being funny, traveling, talking about languages or what.

I'm keeping up with online things by the skin of my teeth (which is such a disgusting expression, who came up with that??). Now I have to go beat the kids to sleep. more later
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I hate that expression too!

It makes me shudder every time. Ugh. Ick! Blech.

Okay, so when you're playing cribbage, do you get all mean and keep someone's points if they don't count them? Like if they count that there score is, say 8, but it's REALLY 11 because they missed a run or something, does the person who discovered it get to keep the 3 points?

I was surprised the first time that happened, because my husband always plays a friendly game with me. Well, he should! I'm not a big fan of the game, and my eyes start to glaze over lol. So he should just be grateful I'm playing with him at all. Heh. That's a bit of a blushful sentence isn't it? *sheepish*

Anyway, do you ever go to the msn zone and play card games there? He likes to do that, and it is fun (even I think so cuz the computer counts the points for you).

Re: I hate that expression too!

We do play the mean way (cutthroat, remember?) in Cribbage. It's called Muggins, but you're supposed to decide before you start playing if you're going to do that or not :) Usually my mom and sister and fairly nice to me because I'm such a suck at adding and counting and miss stuff fairly often. I've never been to the msn zone but it sounds dangerous...I waste spend enough time on the computer as it is. :D

So glad that you're all having fun!


I want to read that book. bring it back to sweden with all the other goodies for me...

Country time pink lemonade mix.
Keg sized bottle of Advil.
Crest Toothpaste.
Cappachino mix (for Simone)
More to come....

Mom bought your Crest today so we have that and the camera so far. The book is definitely coming back. She said to wait and get the Advil at Sam's club so we haven't dealt with that yet.

You sound so happy. I hope you are having a grand time.

I am, we are, it's great :)

I'm in the middle of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything and it is SO interesting.

I'm just starting that one. :) Can't wait to get stuck in. :) He's a great writer, but unfortunately, they made a series with him narrating 'Notes from a Small Island' and it bored me to tears, ONLY because his voice is soooooo monotonous it hurts! *hee* Brilliant writer though :)

I'm glad you're having so much fun - and the temperature! how lovely, can I come up there? Happy birthday to your fresh faced grandma! The birthday cakes sound delicious - a french vanilla one would be right up my alley. (that's my preferred choice of coffee creamer - I will go to Wal Mart for that one item alone.)
the bill bryson book? They always look very interesting - I will have to go check it out. You know I'm always on the lookout for good books for my littlesamshelves. Oh wait! I've run out of bookshelves and they're just stacked upon any flat surface.
good luck with Sears!!

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