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My sister and her family left a few minutes ago to return to Virginia. They'll be back again in 10 days. The house is definitely quieter with the removal of 1 dog and 2 kids, but not nearly as much fun. We don't have any plans today, so maybe we'll go shopping. We've already been here a week! Man, time flies!!

Last night we gave my mom her birthday presents (her birthday is Wednesday) and Sarah baked a banana cream pie covered with fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. YUM! During the day we took the kids to the mall and had their portrait taken (all 4 together) at Sears. It only took us 8 tries to get a decent shot, which I think was miraculous considering they were all starving.

Tomorrow my cousin Beth and her 4 kids are coming down for the afternoon. Beth is a little older than me and I've always looked up to her. She's an amazing woman. Her husband had an affair and left her several years ago when her youngest was really small, and she's come out on top. Wednesday we're going back to Sears to have a family portrait taken and then to my Grandma's for dinner and the beach.

Gotta go take a shower and get moving :)

Happy Happy Birthday Wishes to alcesalces and twistedbunny, and Belated Birthday Wishes to kimbis!
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so many birthdays! The birthday faeries are busy with your family, that is for sure. I like all the unconventional birthday cakes and pies.
and ya'll are keeping sears in business! ;) I went last week to observe my pseudo niece Madison getting her picture taken, and the lady there was scary in what she would do to get the baby to look UP. ;)

It's crazy birthday time for sure! If my dad was still alive, we'd have HIM too since his birthday and my mom's are the same day. My FiL's is right before mine as well, but since we're in the States we'll just call him. March is the other crazy celebration time in my family since my sister and brother and Anders' niece and my sister's son all have birthdays then, plus my parent's wedding anniversary!

So how are the kids doing with English immersion? Just curious how that's going for them. :)

Karin is really trying, although she's obviously struggling. Martin hasn't had much trouble at all. Karin tends to translate literally the things she would say in Swedish to English which makes for some strange sentence structure, but it's not surprising that she's having more difficulty since she came late to it and didn't have as much exposure as Martin has. I think it will come, just slowly :)

wow, alot of Leos in your family. Next week I embark on more family encounters. I will go up to Portland and take my Dad to his family reunion. My Dad is the oldest of ten. I am the oldest grandchild/niece/cousin. My Dad's youngest brother is just four years older than I am. His son, my youngest cousin is a couple years older than my son.

It will be fun. I like my family. We have had a hard couple of years together with deaths and other troubles, but we have a lot of solidarity. So many of us held vigil together at the hospital when my Mom was dying and again when my uncle passed over, last December.

Last year, a few of us played some fun practical jokes on my cousin who had just gotten married. When we get together, there's no telling what might happen! Too bad my grandparents aren't around to see us all "grown up."

My whole (first) family was fire signs and it SHOWED! My mom, dad and I are Leo, and my sister and brother were Aries. Never a dull moment, as you might suspect. My extended family has always been very close up (and very fun) until the last few feels like people are growing apart now, which makes me sad.

That growing apart happened to us too... simply as a part of families growing, and lives filling. We are coming back together now though. Not as often, nor in all the same ways, but we still have the old times too. They are a part of who we are together as a family.

When I was a little girl, we all went to my Grandma's house EVERY Sunday. It was a real extended family experience. I've missed that for my children, but somehow it has woven into our own closeness.

I have a conch shell sitting next to my front door, just like my Grandmother did. It is a symbol to me, of all that is good in the world, in families. The conch shell holds the door open for experiences, for connections, for love.

Thank you! :D

The old Sears portraits! I think I've had to sit still for a couple of those. Remember the Sears Roebuck cataloge?

har! you betcha! We were at Sears again today (god knows why, we must be nuts) and Anders went into the tools section (sucked in) and while there he picked up a Craftsman catalog. I suspect he'll stay up all night circling and highlighting the things he wants. It made me remember those WishBook nights before Christmas, when my brother and sister and I would pore over the Sears catalog and write our wish lists to Santa, including the page numbers! :D

Hey...that's what I edit! The exact two catalogs that you mentioned are my responsibility. I am the copy editor for the Craftsman tool books and for the Wish Book. the ones you're looking at now were done by the previous editor, because we work several months ahead, but I just finished editing the Wish Book for 2004 and I'm in the middle of working on the Craftsman Holiday Tool Book for 2004. :) What a small world.

wow! that's so cool :) I thought they had stopped producing the Wish book altogether some years ago.


you know, you have the prettiest livejournal journal I've seen. I just love the colors, so pretty and restful. And I like your little woodsy moose there, he of the cleverly craning head. and that banana cream pie sounds just so yummy, I'm drooling over my keyboard! I use to make one very similar, but sadly I lost the recipe. I think though that you've inspired me to look for another! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful visit stateside (sounds pretty wonderful so far!) Safe journey, you fabulous creature you! with love, Wee xoxo

You are so sweet! From someone with such an eye for color as you, that is really a compliment :)

Oh my god, if you can get your sister to share that recipe, please do!! :)

pie recipe

I'll take that pie recipe too! My mouth is watering with the thought of it. I'm real good at adapting recipes to vegan... so, pretty please?

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