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My sister and her family left a few minutes ago to return to Virginia. They'll be back again in 10 days. The house is definitely quieter with the removal of 1 dog and 2 kids, but not nearly as much fun. We don't have any plans today, so maybe we'll go shopping. We've already been here a week! Man, time flies!!

Last night we gave my mom her birthday presents (her birthday is Wednesday) and Sarah baked a banana cream pie covered with fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. YUM! During the day we took the kids to the mall and had their portrait taken (all 4 together) at Sears. It only took us 8 tries to get a decent shot, which I think was miraculous considering they were all starving.

Tomorrow my cousin Beth and her 4 kids are coming down for the afternoon. Beth is a little older than me and I've always looked up to her. She's an amazing woman. Her husband had an affair and left her several years ago when her youngest was really small, and she's come out on top. Wednesday we're going back to Sears to have a family portrait taken and then to my Grandma's for dinner and the beach.

Gotta go take a shower and get moving :)

Happy Happy Birthday Wishes to alcesalces and twistedbunny, and Belated Birthday Wishes to kimbis!
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har! you betcha! We were at Sears again today (god knows why, we must be nuts) and Anders went into the tools section (sucked in) and while there he picked up a Craftsman catalog. I suspect he'll stay up all night circling and highlighting the things he wants. It made me remember those WishBook nights before Christmas, when my brother and sister and I would pore over the Sears catalog and write our wish lists to Santa, including the page numbers! :D

Hey...that's what I edit! The exact two catalogs that you mentioned are my responsibility. I am the copy editor for the Craftsman tool books and for the Wish Book. the ones you're looking at now were done by the previous editor, because we work several months ahead, but I just finished editing the Wish Book for 2004 and I'm in the middle of working on the Craftsman Holiday Tool Book for 2004. :) What a small world.

wow! that's so cool :) I thought they had stopped producing the Wish book altogether some years ago.

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