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My little journal is feeling neglected. It's turning brown around the edges and curling up. I'd feel guiltier if I wasn't so busy, and Karin is nagging me to read to her from her Bionicle sticker book so who has time to post updates?

Our trip to Chicago seems to be vaporizing into the air, like the pipe dream it really was. It makes me sad, a bit, but since I was already pretty resigned to the fact that we weren't going to make it there, it doesn't feel like the end of the world.

It poured rain all day Tuesday while my cousin Beth and her four gorgeous, incredibly tan kids were here. We had set up a rainy-day project and all 6 of them had a blast making creatures and things from pipecleaners. We're still stumbling over little pipecleaner penguins in unexpected corners.

Yesterday we went up to my grandma's new place. She's 4 blocks from the lake so we headed there directly as the sun was out and the weather was fine. Anders got the new black dragon kite up to Karin's delight, and afterwards they swam in Lake Huron and then built a huge and fancy sandcastle, while Mom and Grandma and I sat up on the hill and relaxed in the sunshine. After dinner, my aunt and uncle showed up just in time for my mom's HeathBar birthday cake and we had a really nice evening, complete with a ride in Mike's convertible Mercedes. :)

There's something in the air here that makes me happy. I never lived for long in Michigan, just a few weeks as an infant and summer vacations with my grandparents. During college, I was in East Lansing for 5 years, but that was it. However, all that spread-out time over the years has insinuated itself into my very bones. Do you suppose that your body recognizes the smells and air and taste of the water from the place you were born? The trees are comforting. The edges of lawns make me smile. Seeing a Big Boy or a jar of Sanders Hot Fudge or a can of Vernor's makes me fizz with recognition and affection. I love Michigan.

Anders is golfing with Uncle Mike today and we are taking it easy. I woke up with a terrible crick in my neck so I've been self-medicating with one of Simone's bag-o-beans. The sun is out although it's a little hazy and I'm deep into a book.

I've been reading a lot in between things, polishing off Bill Bryson, a Diana Wynne Jones book that I swear I've read before under a different name, and megancrane's delightful English As a Second Language. Now I'm having trouble putting down The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

Hard to believe we're already halfway through our vacation!
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music: "Mama, will you read dis book to me?" "Mama?" "MAMA!"


you are having the best vacation ever and I for one am glad. I'm sure your journal understands that you have many activities but we all miss you when you don't write!
I've been wanting to read 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. Glad to hear it is unputdownable.

Based on the first half which I'm through to now, go directly to your bookstore and buy it today. :) I just read your journal, but I felt commentless because I don't know Led Zepplin well, and Vogue? You're insane. :D (but funny)

so many folks are not feelin' the Vogue luhve like I am. It is SUCH a good issue this month, though. And you need to get to know the beauty of Led Zepplin! I am dying for that DVD thing they came out with recently - but you should never feel commentless! You don't have to comment on anything I wrote about whatsoever!! ;)

I read the book in one day. Go get it! GO!

sounds like you are having a wonderful time. spend more time enjoying and less time thinking about updating! that's an order, missy!!


o...that's a nice idea, that your body recognizes where you were born. I read once that where you were born and lived for your first year determines the number of sweat glands you have. So if you were born in a cold climate (like canada or Sweden) you have fewer sweat glands than someone who was born in Egypt or Jamaica and that makes you less able to handle the heat and vice versa (people born in hot climates are less able to handle the cold.) I'm not sure how true it is, but it makes sense. And man, Michigan seems to e the home of yummy desserts... heath cake! Mmmm. and pipe cleaner penguins. yup. Life does sound good there! xo Wee

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thanks, sweetie! Hope things are looking up a bit for you, too :)

It may be short-ish, but at least you're back in touch. Enjoy yourself, but don't forget where home is!

Michigan is the best state in the midwest and Chicago is the best city, hands down. Did you grandmother sell her old place? I have fond memories from there, but I don't know how your kids swam in Lake Huron, it's so fricking cold!

She and Uncle Mike sold it 2 years ago, right after we were here. She moved into an upscale trailer park very close to the old place. It's much nicer than I had envisioned, at least. She'll probably only be there for another year or so, but I suspect, judging by the number of homes for sale in the park, that they'll have a hard time unloading it.

I'm happy you are having such a nice time!

Growing up, I experienced Mi. like you and had a real affection for it. It was the 20 years of ACTUALLY living there that killed it for me. Yet, Traverse City is so different from Grand Rapids which is so different from Detroit and so on that I know I will always hold parts of it dear.

Lizardek, email me about exactly where you are, will ya? My dearest friend in the world, Marisa, is off in Tanzania right now but she'll be back on Aug 9th. If you are anywhere near where she is, you would LOVE to meet her. She lives in Lansing.

Hej Trish!
I'm just outside of Port Huron, but I suspect, as much as I'd love to say yes, I'm probably not going to have any time available after the 9th. I get back from Oregon that day, the next day is my birthday and then my sister and her kids will be here again. We're having a big party with all the relatives on the 13th, and the 16th I leave for Sweden. I've already had at least 4 other LJ'ers and several friends that I've had to disappoint. :( There is just not enough time to do everything! *wah!!*

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