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After a long day spent at home yesterday while Anders was out golfing, and not incidentally, beating my Uncle Mike at it (woo hoo!), I was SO READY to get out of the house today. We left at lunchtime and drove down to Detroit and polished off a stack of shopping items on our to-do list. I'm feeling very happy about the money we've spent so far. :) There are sales everywhere right now, it's the perfect time to be out spending money! At Gander Mountain we found new sandals for Anders, convertible camping pants for the kids and the softest, loveliest fleece jacket for me, all for $68! We went to several superstores and the mall and then to crown the day, we went to Outback Steak house and I had a perfectly cooked filet mignon. Yummmm, steak!!

We're going out again tomorrow, as I have a few more stores to hit, and Anders is planning to take the kids to the mini-golf range if it's not raining. Then we're ditching the kids with Grandma and meeting my cousins (who are also ditching THEIR kids) for dinner. Me so happy!
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All that for $68??? That's amazing. Great deal-hunting, you deal-hunter you.

I've been keeping up with your adventures in the States. :) It sounds like you and yours are having a mahhhvelous time! Too bad you couldn't come to Chicago. That new Millennium Park could really use some visitor revenue so it doesn't stay a vast concrete jungle. *insert sarcastic Mayor Daley remark here_______________* hehe, I kid. There are some neat things to see there.

Is this your children's first time in the States?

It really stinks that we're not going to make it to Chicago. You have NO IDEA how much I want to get there. If I wasn't going to Oregon, we'd be all over it. Hopefully next time, and hopefully next time won't be 2 years away!! Martin has been to the States 4x and Karin has been 3x including this trip :)

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