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One year ago today, I took the plunge and started this live journal, thanks to inspiration from galestorm. I've met many wonderful people online since I started and found a community that offers support and encouragement, and given me an outlet for my writing, and the things I want to say and record. :)

I don't have time to say much since I'm still in Oregon and am having a blast! There are 4 of us here now and the other 3 arrive today. I got to see Becky's kids for about an hour yesterday, and we can all feel ourselves regressing. Being with my oldest friends is such a comforting feeling. :) We're going to the Oregon Vortex today and later to a flashback disco (woo hoo!), and tomorrow is boating down the Rouge River.

Later, alligators!
mood: happy
music: my girlfriends laughing and talking in the kitchen


hooray! this is two blogiversaries in a week! congratulations, Mrs. Lizardek. I love your writing and hearing about your children and Sweden and cribbage. And of course it makes my day when you come to my blog and leave little bits of wisdom and encouragement.

Sounds like you're having so much fun! :)

It was nice meeting you here as well. The user pic you had been using on Amerikanska had me thinking that was you and we probably didn't have a lot in common, hehehe.

Yay! I'm glad you started LJ too! :)

Have a wonderful time! *HUG*

I'm glad you are having so much fun. The account of your adventures has been fun to read!

Happy blogiversary to you!! I'm glad you're here, glad to read your stories and get your comments to my posts.

Hope you enjoyed Oregon to the utmost. Girlfriend time is the greatest!

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