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5:00 a.m. : Oh GOD, We didn't kill all the #$%@! flies before we went to bed last night!!
5:10 a.m. : SMACK!
5:15 a.m. : SMACK!
5:45 a.m. : Bzzzzzzzz!! aargh
6:00 a.m : SMACK!
7:15 a.m. : Bzzzzzzz! oh, for fuck's sake
7:16 a.m. : Swish!
7:20 a.m. : Swish!
7:33 a.m. : SMACK!
10:15 a.m. : Aaagh! We overslept! Get up! GO GO GO
10:17 a.m. : Who's damned idea was it to schedule a party for 60 people 4 days after our return from the States?
10:18 a.m. : Oh. Yeah. Mine. *grumble*

The tent went up, the grill got cleaned, the kebabs and potato salad and munchies got bought, the house got cleaned, the salad got chopped and tossed and the drinks were put out. At 5:30 p.m. our first guests arrived and at midnight., when the last ones left, I realized for the final time that turning 40 ain't so bad after all, when you're surrounded by friendship, laughter, family, happiness and love. This has been a good birthday, for all my fretting.

The nifty presents didn't hurt either. :) What a great night!
mood: happy
music: The Olympics on TV, John and Anders talking


Hey -about time you realized that forty is NO BIG DEAL!!! It's how you feel inside- and since I'm your Mother and I only feel about had better regress fast!!! :)
Happy to gather from your background music, that your brother arrived safe and sound too! :)

Naw! Forty is actually a pretty cool age, and despite sounding like a hair colour ad, it actually gets better!
Did you remember to kill the flies before you went to bed?

I'm glad it went well!!! Good for you :)

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