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zird is the word [userpic]
  • Monday: massage, regional planning meeting
  • Tuesday: finish AWC website and do AWC newsletter
  • Wednesday: choir starts
  • Thursday: book group
  • Friday: evening at Emily & Martin's cabin
  • Saturday: Stone Age dinner and then crayfish party AT OUR HOUSE (yes, I'm certifiable)
  • Sunday: Finish all AWC stuff before meeting
  • Monday: John leaves, Karin dentist appointment, first AWC board and monthly meetings
I had a 3-hour nap today. And I power-walked for half an hour with my brother. I'm tired. That's all.

Oh, and also...Reese's Fast Break candy bars are better than sex. Why didn't you send a box home for ME, Sarah?!
mood: tired
music: damned yappy dogs barking behind us


Does Anders know about these candy bars?

yes. I'm pretty sure he agrees, actually. He's had one as well.

In that case, you two are doing it wrong.


You obviously haven't had one either. :P

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