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I haven't mentioned the Olympics much here, because as you may or may not know, I don't watch TV hardly ever, except for West Wing which disappeared from Swedish television like 8 months ago and apparently likes vacation so much it is never coming back, and Little House on the Prairie re-runs which I would totally sit slowly down on the sofa for, relaxing into a slack-jawed state because Michael Landon OH HOW WE MISS YOU!

I'm secretly hoping that Swedish TV will start sending showing Little House re-runs on Fridays so that Karin can be properly introduced to the Ingalls as a part of every child's necessary education, during our Year of Free Fridays. Although, Martin would probably enjoy it more, I can so see Karin stealing riffs off Nellie Olsson and incorporating them into family life. When I was home with infant Martin, 2 different Little House seasons were showing on 2 different channels and it was a very colonial time-warp, watching teenage Laura in the early afternoons and little Laura about 2 hours later with a cold-dash-of-reality-Oprah in the middle. Thank god my normal television-watching habits reverted soon afterward and I went back to reading instead of watching TV. People used to tell me I looked like Laura Ingalls when I was young, but what they really meant is that I looked like Melissa Gilbert. Nobody tells me that now, dammit.

I finished the most excellent book yesterday, Haven Kimmel's first novel, The Solace of Leaving Early. I marked several pages with tiny dog-ears where there were passages I have to copy into my notebooks for remembering, but since I'm writing this from work I can't share them with you. Ms. Kimmel published her autobiography first, A Girl Named Zippy and I can recommend that one highly as well. I can't wait to get my hands on her next book.

In other news, the cherry tree is planted. It's taller than me, but I can't see it from our bed, more's the pity. I really, really hope that it has cherries next year because that will give me an excuse to steal my Michigan Cherries Recipe book back from Angie, cuz I'm an indian-giver that way. And in a not-so-subtle attempt to completely cement our Swedishness (because we already have 2 children and a Volvo), we're heading to IKEA tonight to buy a new kitchen table and chairs because you can NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF FROM IKEA. Okay, I lied. You can. I used to be winning the furniture wars. It was my dark-wood, heavy-footed, curvy, thick-n-nubby upholstered furniture against Anders' Scandinavian-design blond wood, straight-line, cotton-striped stuff. Not anymore, alas. My stuff is barely holding it's its it's its own nowadays against the IKEA incursion.* Damn their inexpensive and streamlined ways.

Walking with my brother around Flyinge the last couple of evenings has made me see it with unfamiliar eyes. Even though I think I have decently powerful powers of observation, it's still nice to push aside the contempt of familiarity and see things anew again. It reminds me that I really want to take my camera with me on my walks.

Cracking Me Up: (hello, Olympics, were your ears burning?) Woo Your Woman

Happy Happy Birthday Wishes to inblackink!

*Oh for god's sake, how many times can one possibly remove and reinsert a damned apostrophe?!
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I am sorry, I really have to disagree with you on the TV version of Little House. I grew up with Laura and Mary and Pa in book form, and I just could NOT get into the TV series. Firstly, where's Pa's beard? ALL the illustrations in the book show Pa with a beard. Secondly, there were mountains in the TV every now and then. De Smet, South Dakota, which is the REAL prairie doesn't have a mountain anywhere near it. I know, I'm being nit-picky, but I just could not get into their version. I prefer my books (which I still re-read on occasion), as well as the actual biography of Laura Ingalls.

I love the books, too, don't get me wrong. I think of them as totally separate things from the TV show. :) And I still re-read them as well.

Okay, I so thought that a picture of me was going to be offered up as proof that one can have too much Ikea stuff.

heh! You're the illustration that accompanies "ikea-addiction" in the dictionary, I think.

I marked several pages with tiny dog-ears...

this explains why a lot of death metal is born in Sweden if you do this to tiny dogs... ;)

i think it's a real shame that IKEA has become so popular. they're inexpensive, make some nice furniture....but when you visit friends ALL YOUR HOUSES LOOK THE SAME! my theory is to buy inexpensive bookcases, tables, etc from them and then customise them slightly to stamp your mark....maybe a wood stain, stencil etc.

wood stain, stencil?! who has time for that?! hahaha! Actually, a LOT of my furniture is from antique stores, and I've painted a couple of pieces as well. But, if you look at the pictures of our house on our website, I don't think you'd say it looks either 1) Ikea-heavy or 2) like everyone else's. :)

Okay, it's not Melissa, but I saw Stephanie Zimbalist in something the other day, and she totally smiled and had your dimples. :)

What? How can you not love that rat pillow? ;)

har! poor little ratty pillow is feeling unloved now. Also, I heart Stephanie Zimbalist. Remington Steele was totally another of my TV crushes.

Personally, I'm jonesing for an IKEA to go in around here. That would be totally excellent.

p.s. I didn't forget about the poetry alias, but the hosting company's control panel doesn't log you out automatically until like, two days later, and so if you go crashy (like I did), you can't log in again because there's already a session open. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, but hopefully I can log in tonight and get it done. And maybe my computer will behave long enough for me to do it.. ;)

Okay. I was going to write and ask you, but I'm hoping you can still deal with the (few) HTML pages for this MM anyway, since I'm just totally SWAMPED. :( I promise to be back on the ball for the next issue.

Man! Have I been remiss in my reading. Last week we missed the fun around Malmö because we drove the Helsingborg way and took the ferry to Denmark. Luckily the weather cooperated, but no longer. I'm studying Swedish at Göteborgs Universitet and nursing a cold. Why does it always (and I mean ALWAYS) happen that whenever I start school or a new job, I get a cold within the first week?? Am I allergic to academics and/or real work??

By the way, I stop damn near dead in my tracks whenever Little House on the Prairie pops up--it is part and parcel of my childhood as well. If I sit real close to the tv and close my eyes, I can describe, in nauseating detail, my family's tv room from 25 years ago. But only with Little House...and I don't really want to buy the DVD--the serendipity of Little House just showing up randomly throughout my adulthood is worth way more than being able to call it up whenever.

And, absolutely start taking your camera with you on your walks. I don't know about you, but I definitely become more observant when I've got that third eye.

Only with Little House! I could probably do it with Star Trek, too, because my dad watched it obsessively. :) Although, we had MANY tv rooms so it would be that much more difficult. :)

I love the books even more, but I think of them as 2 separate entities.

I promise to take my camera more often!! Also, I hope you feel better soon :)

the books

We didn't have a tv while my children were growing up, and now I have one only for watching dvds and videos.. and for tv when my Dad is visiting.

I raised my three girls and a step daughter. On rainy fall and winter days we sometimes had reading marathons. I remember vividly reading the Little House books to them while they were had sewing Christmas gifts. I read many books aloud to them, but these books really stand out.
I haven't read them for ages. Maybe it's time to get them out again.

Re: the books

oops... that's hand sewing

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Ok, all this IKEA talk is making me jealous. I have to live with Pottery Barn, ZGallerie and Crate and Barrel, oh how I suffer.

Because I watched SO much Little House in college, (thanks to you know who) I have actually broken things trying to get to the remote to change the channel whenever it comes on the television. I'm not sure why but it makes my skin crawl to watch it now. It could have been overexposure in my developmental years.

Oh, pity the poor suffering home decorator...with only Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel (and what the hell is ZGallerie?)...wah! NOT! :D

Also, you are SO lame. You know you love Little House. You're just in denial. And don't try to deny it.

i also loved little house on the prairie - especially when I read the books, I would just LONG that I could watch all the episodes on TV! What sweet, precious books they are!

And I don't think we have IKEA down here in the South. I hear people talk about it in blogland but they don't seem to be around me. I have no idea why, we Southerneres love a cheap deal. Or just cheap stuff.

The books are SO great! I still re-read them every so often. I've seen that there are new versions out that go back into the history of Laura's mom, grandma, great-grandma, etc, but I haven't been able to find out from a reliable source whether they are well-written or worth reading. I know they are not actual diaries or probably even based on real life stories, but that doesn't mean they're no good.

It's just a matter of time before the IKEA invasion gets to you. They'll settle for nothing less than world domination. :)

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