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We were just informed in a mandatory all-employee meeting that our company is dissolving and we need to find new jobs no later than December 31st.
mood: distressed
music: the sound of my world crashing down

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i'm sorry to hear that, petal...sending many prospect-pixies your way... ~xox~

thanks, dear! keep 'em coming!

Wow! I'm surprised to hear this. Is SonyEricsson splitting up?

I'm so sorry you have to find a new job. I'm looking now myself and it sucks. :(

It's not Sony Ericsson, it's our little daughter Ericsson company )Ericsson Technology Licensing). They decided that the business case for Bluetooth IP wasn't good enough to keep driving the company.

I'm sorry to hear that really horrible news.

No cushy separation deal? Well, on the other hand, you don't have to deal with sitting in a large room with all those other people in the new year. And you HAVE already had another offer, so there's more out there! Yes, I know, I'm too Pollyanna at the moment, sorry.

It's not (yet) layoffs or severance since they've basically given us 4 months notice.

*hugs* I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll find a great new job.

thank you, dear :)

SHIT! :( I'm sorry to hear that honey. At least that's a few months to try and get something else. It could have been much worse, timing-wise I mean.

*hugs* With your skills etc, I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding something good.

I sure hope so. My bosses say they have things lined up to help me, so we'll see. I'm still in shock.

holy crap!! That is so harsh!

on the bright side.... you don't have to sit in a too dark office.

I'm sorry -

It totally sucks :( oh well, the only sure thing is change, right?

That's a real bummer, I'm sorry. But hey new opportunities beckon I'm sure.

They do, in fact! I sent out 3 resumes to job openings today and have another good lead for Monday :)

Oh my gosh!
That is terrible. But, I believe you'll land on your feet! I am sure you have good a-kassa and then you'll possibly gt even more time with Karin.

I have a-kassa but I don't know how good it is. :) I hope I'll land on my feet too! I'll certainly do my best!

I'm so sorry.

Oh no! I'm really sorry, Liz! And after all that you've gone through, looking at other offers, and then deciding to stay at this one anyway, and then this happens. Argh!

I know you'll find something though. How will this affect your Karin-Fridays?

argh is right!! I think I'll go ahead with my Karin-Fridays for the 4 months I'm here, assuming I don't find something right away. I would figure a new place won't want me working 80% right away anyway, so I might have to give up the dream. *sob*

That really sucks.. sorry to hear that! I'm sure something even better will come your way soon!

thanks! I sure hope so!!

*hugs* I hope this crappy news leads to a something wonderful and exciting in your future.

I hope so, too. Thanks :)

Oh, that's sucktastic. I'm so sorry.

But everything happens for a reason and all that, so maybe something even better will come along. *hugs*!

Oh wow, Liz ... I don't even know what to day. :(

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