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We were just informed in a mandatory all-employee meeting that our company is dissolving and we need to find new jobs no later than December 31st.
mood: distressed
music: the sound of my world crashing down

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Arkx! Lay-offs suck. Not least that feeling of un-reality to get over. Good luck with the job hunt. Who knows, it might end up being a good thing :)

Oh no! That's terrible. Stressful.

Have you ever read Who Stole My Cheese? It might just bolster your determination while you roam the corridors and poke into doorways. In a way, I'm happy for you. I know, I know, the economic climate is miserable and looking for a job is not something very many of us, me included, are good at. Still, sometimes it's good just to take the job on our plate. You did that with this job, and you can do that with the next. I have lots of confidence in your ability to rise to this occasion. With joy, even.

Actually, funny you should ask that. Our dept head gave us that book for Christmas, and he asked us several times today to re-read it, to the point where I wanted to HIT him. Thanks for your good wishes. :)

Oh no! Oh, Liz, that sucks! Good luck as you look for something new. Hang in there.

As someone in a similar position, I am sending empathetic goodies your way.

thank you! It's not a fun spot to be in, that's for sure. Hope your job hunt is showing progress. :)

They didn't give you much time! I'm sure you'll find something better and in the end you'll be happy it happened. Very stressful in the meantime though.

Your journal is just so sweet..and you seem to be very interesting too!I'm adding you..hope you do not mind!!! HUGZ!!!!

not at all. Welcome :)

!! wow´

what do you think your chances are at finding a new job? i hope things work out for the better!

hopefully decent, as long as there are jobs that suit me out there. I'm not worried about my own abilities or confidence in findng a job, it's more worrying about a paycut with our mortgage hanging over our heads. :(

Talk about a left hook, ouch! I'm very sorry to hear that but I know for a fact you will land on your feet. You are way too talented and hard working for someone not to grab you up. I've found that when crappy things happen it sometimes leads to something even better. I'm sending big hugs---there they go.

thanks, you. It's nice to know that others believe in me. :)

That does suck! So sorry to hear it. I'm sure you'll find something else rather quickly thought.

I'm so sorry for you. I'm hoping it will be "tur i otur" and that you will find an even better job.

thank you :) I hope so, too.

Ouch! That's really sucky news! :(

Hopefully this means that something better is just around the corner for you!


gawd! (my recent fav. word) sucky!!!

And shocking. Having in recent months been through 'shocking' myself, and being on the other side, I will say the words that are probably hard to hear in this moment, but like all the others said:
You are strong.
You will get through.
It will probably end up better.

*hugs* *nice Fridays in bed with toast,tea and a good book to ya*

Re: gawd!

thanks, sweetie! It sure helps to have friends and support from all over the world :)

I am so sorry. I can't believe this...I was excited for your free Fridays...and now...ugh.

The last major company I worked for began to fall apart at the seams, the president of the company (he was the founder) stepped down, and a new CEO scrambled in. 3 months into it I decided the chaos of this company was bad for my mental health so I gave my 2 weeks notice. On my last day as I was leaving I walked out to the parking lot to see that the road had been closed off...a circus train for Barnum & Bailey stopped right in the middle of the road. The car doors were open, and trainers were walking elephants, zebras, horses, all kinds of interesting animals down the street. Everyone from the factory came running out and gathered to watch this surreal spectacle. I don't know, despite all of my anger...there I was smiling. The CEO came out and was rubbing his head as if he had a headache. I figured it was because everyone had stopped doing what they were supposed to be doing, and he was angry. Little did I know, that earlier that morning the sheriff and his posse had been staking out the building. The company had gone bankrupt. They were waiting to seize everything, and close down the company completely. Because the products were custom ordered and already paid for by the clients, he argued with the sheriff that they could not seize the delivery trucks. This bought him one day. He went back to his office, sat down in his chair...the lowest point of his life ( I was told). He put his head down on his desk, and slowly rose to see elephants strolling past his window. He rubbed his eyes. He walked outside to see all of circus animals and a street normally bustling with activity dead in its tracks. The most surreal day of his life. That night he borrowed money, and saved the it's doing better than ever.

Two weeks later I was walking my dog Jerry down my street...and met a neighbor who ran a small marketing company from her house. Later that week she hired me and a free-lance designer was born.

It's just strange...the road of fate.


I know whatever happens you'll land on your feet.

what a lovely, inspirational story! Thank you, I really needed that.

What icky news! But--I'm attempting some big recall here of what you've mentioned about your job in the past--this might not actually be a negative, right? I mean, once you get past the initial punch in the gut and all. One door closes--a better one opens...

Dang! I don't know exactly what to say other than I will send all my good vibes and positive mojo down south.

*eagerly accepts all good vibes and mojo* thank you :) yes, I am hoping that ultimately this will be a better's just the POW now that hurts.

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