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We were just informed in a mandatory all-employee meeting that our company is dissolving and we need to find new jobs no later than December 31st.
mood: distressed
music: the sound of my world crashing down

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Me being another poster to say "Wow! That's harsh". At least they gave you some notice, unlike the US where pink slips would be handed out as you were being laid off. I hope you can find another job soon.

thanks! yes, 4 months notice is definitely a bonus :)

What a total bummer! So sorry for you and the stress the news must have brought. Why on earth did they move you all into a new building just to shut you down?

good question. There doesn't seem to have been a lot of long-term thinking going on anywhere higher up in the last year or so :(

Awww, that is horrible news. I'm so sorry for you. At least you have some time to find a new job. Good luck!

thanks, Mike :)

oh no! I am so very sorry. Sending you lots of good thoughts.

So what do you want to be when you grow up? This may be your chance!!

LOL! I want to be what I am, only thinner :) I really like my job, which is part of what makes this such a bummer...but I'll land on my feet, for sure.


Aw, Liz. That does suck. My sympathies *hand over heart*


Thanks, Chuck :)

Sorry to hear that. I got downsized by December 31st a couple years ago, I guess because of the fiscal year? They actually turned off the heat on December 30th, the bastards.

Change can suck! But hopefully this as also an opportunity for something better.


well doesnt that just suck! But you know its the world's way of telling you to move on because you didnt take all the hints it tossed at you. Try to be positive and look upwards. You will land on your feet and something better WILL come along. It always does for you. Call me if you need to. Oh yeah I am calling you today. ( Tomorrow for me.) Good night. Love Sis

I'm looking forward to talking to you :) You're right, I didn't take the hints, did I?! argh

Oh POO!!!!!! That is such a shame :(


Another adventure ahead at the very least but it's small consolation at the moment I'm sure...

Oh Liz- my heart goes out to you. You are super talented and I know you'll find something else but for sure you must be devastated now...

I just read this post now, and I am sorry to hear this happened. It may be a sign you're about to move on to even bigger and better things jobwise. *throws lucky shamrocks at you*

*catches them and sticks them all over resume* :)

Excellent news......things are sounding positive for you.

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