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Everything is shitty this morning. My resume sucks. My Swedish writing skills suck. I will never find another job. I'm totally unmotivated. I'm tired. There are not enough hours in the day. I'm cold and wet and hungry and broke and I swallowed my gum.


Bonus points to those who know what movie I paraphrased that last sentence from.
mood: grumpy
music: my grumpy grumposity


hhmmm, i'm getting a big sandra bullock memory thing going... but that's as much as i can guess.

*hugs* hope your day goes better.

IMDB helped me not at all:

There is an amazingly large number of movies who have some great quotes containing "swallowed" and "gum" but none of the ones it returned seemed right. :(

If you can't call from work, send me your number and I'll call you.

046-231298 (work)
070-6462047 (mobile)

Can't place the quote, and it's bugging me. *grrr*

As for grumpiness, you're more than entitled. It's rainy. It's chilly. And it's meant to be summer. I did see a lovely HUGE sunflower this morning though on the way to work. I think you'd have liked it's huge face looking for the sun (which it won't see today because of the shitty weather).

*sends M&Ms*

thanks, sweetie

*eats the M&Ms without sharing because of grumpiness*

Greedy grumblebum. I'm grumpy too, I want some *stomp!*

Okay, so you have more right to be grumpy than me.... :(

*stomp! stomp!*

*thud thud!!*

*lies gasping on the floor*

*kicks you in the guts..... WHOA ... sorry ... I was taking out my work frustrations on you...


har! *grabs your leg and flips you over*

*pours flour all over your face and then throws cake mixture at your head*

*bakes you a cake*

*saves you some peanut ones cuz I don't like them*

There is a line like this in "The Producers" - although nothing about gum.

Anyway, things will look up, honest.

Awww, sounds like a rough morning! Things must be very stressful for you right now.

You'll get another're way too fabulous to go long without someone snatching you up!

Hang in there!

Ok, who sallowed their gum?

Daphne Zuniga's character in The Sure Thing :)

Thanks, I would never have gotten that

ahhh, now it's all coming back...

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