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Number of Job-Search registrations: 11 and counting

Number of times I have revised my resume and/or cover letters: approximately 1 squillion

Number of jobs out there at this point in time that I'm qualified for/interested in: 3

Number of actual jobs applied for: 4

Number of resumes sent out for possibilities: 7

Percentage of chance any of those possibilities will actually turn into something viable: 40%

Number of times I wanted to scream in frustration during the all-employee meeting this morning: 3

Answer to question Can you guarantee there won't be any reductions before December 31st? at said meeting: No

Motivation: in the toilet

Attitude: somewhere between bruised and demoralized

Direction: onwards and upwards

View: looking forward to Friday

Things that never fail to cheer up my day: these and these
mood: distressed
music: Bob Marley & The Wailers—Could You Be Loved


Awww Liz...sounds rough over there! Hang in'll all turn out okay.

And please do keep your motivation when you're in the toilet. I mean, we don't want you to get UNmotivated for "that" kind of activity. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Ha ha.

I just have to vent, that's all. It's not that bad, yet. As for the other, er, motivation, no problems there! :D

*sends you tight hugs covered in chocolate-covered raisins*

*applauds you for keeping cool in the fiery furnace*

LOL! You make my day :)

Yay! A link to my column. :)

Liz, you are so on top of the job search. You hit the ground running and I know that something will come up!!

Your column was excellent! I always see your comments in Liz's and Heather (cockermom's) lj!

Liz- hang in there- it will get worse before it gets better- and you know I've been there ;)

I know. But I want it to get better NOW!!!

i have to agree with the commenter above. compared to a lot of people i know that have lost their jobs, you are doing everything you can...and i have faith that you'll find something soon.

sending you smiles, hon ~xox~

thanks :) I need all the smiles I can get! :D

*hugshugshugs* Truly!

thank you sweetie! *hugsyouback*

Hang in there -- I'm rooting for you! Something better IS coming your way!

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

sorry you're having a blue sort of day. We love you, and have complete faith that you will find a completely AWESOME job. Take comfort in the fact that you are working actively to make something happen, and also? that your bosses are poo-poo heads. Totally. If they fire you before december? We will rain down upon Sweden with umbrellas and beat them about the head. Yep. We bloggy friends don't PLAY.


I had a great thought about where you need to go to work................. find out where the Sushi chef is going and follow him. : ) Hee hee hee rolling around.... Love Sis

bork bork bork! Oh, wait, that's the SWEDISH CHEF! I already followed him once and look where it got me! :D

Excellent direction choice. Things can only get better. I'm holding my thumbs for you


hang in there miz lizard and don't get sunk when you're "in the toilet"
Good place to vent here so that you can move yourself forward there when the time is ripe.
You are so smart!!

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