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The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades: 10 minutes before I left work yesterday, Johan emailed me an opening position at Axis Communications for a Marketing Assistant that might have been written FOR ME. In fact, it was an uncanny description of my current job. I had sent a resume to their HR department earlier in the day on a blind chance, so I shot off my resume and a cover letter to the contact, and went home feeling much better. Keep your fingers crossed or thumbs held!!

Friday, Friday, So Good to Me! Anders and I decided that it was okay for Martin to walk to school this morning by himself, so while the kids were eating breakfast, I cut up honeydew and packed Martin's backpack with his gym clothes and fruit bowl, and then I saw him out the door. I watched from the window as he walked down the street in the frosty early morning with the sharp sunshine slanting down his back. He looked so little and yet so big.

Afterwards, Karin and I jumped back in bed to snuggle for a bit, but she couldn't settle down and we ended up looking at photo albums under the covers. She would jump out of bed and run to the living room and fetch one of the big books and then her feet would patter-patter-patter back and she would climb up into the big bed and hand me the book. She wanted to see pictures of me when I was little, but we didn't find very many because none of my photo albums are labeled. Her expectation was that every baby picture depicted her and was a little put out when I kept having to tell her it was Martin or someone else's child, since she never ended up bringing an album that had HER baby pictures in it. Man, I have a lot of pictures of other people's children! Seems kind of silly in a way, since many of them are people I've fallen out of touch with, and when my kids inherit these albums they aren't going to have the slightest idea who those blurry babies and smiling anonymous children are.

When I send pictures of my children to friends, I usually try to make sure it's a picture that has us in it as well, or at least me. Because WE are the friends, not the children, and it's ridiculous of me to expect my friends to take that much of an interest in my kids. It might sound petty, but I get a little miffed when people that I am/was close to only ever send me pictures of their children, because honestly? I want to see THEM, not their kids! I save the kid-only pics for those who have no choice about being involved in my children's family members or YOU. heh.

I'm reading The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay because my brother recommended it as THE BEST BOOK EVER. I can't say I agree with that statement, but I am really enjoying it, and after only 10 chapters can recommend it very highly. The writing is lyrical, amusing, colorful and entrancing. I really want to know what happens to this kid.

Raising the Bar for Guest Bloggers Everywhere: Take it Away, Gabo

New Love: Tricks of the Trade

Really, REALLY Good Writing Out There Right Now: Stardust

Made Me Laugh Like a Drain: You know, for years I have been toying with the idea of the ultimate in horror: a movie that's nothing but 90 minutes of people's expressions when they realize they've just tipped their chair back too far and are certainly doomed. You won't see that kind of reality in the mainstream, my friend. Can you imagine it? The outright panic of knowing you were going to tip over backwards, possibly in the middle of a crowded cafe? When you know for certain your mother's repeated entreaties to not tip your chair back were so true, so bitterly true. It's like a snuff film, but without the dying. (by the hilarious kafkaesque)
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oh eyes are watering i laughed so hard

You never know what tomorrow will bring. We waste so much energy with worry.

amen, sister :) thanks for the reminder.

I only know you through LJ but you seem to be very together and fully competent individual. I think you will have absolutely no problem securing another job in your field. The unknown is the worst thing to deal with. I was in your position a few years ago, luckily they rescinded the redundancy as they found me a job in another dept. but I can quite clearly remember the feeling of the rug being pulled from beneath my feet. I hope you find something new quickly so you do not have the anxiety of wondering where your future career lies.

Thank you, Lisa. :) That was nice to hear. The unknown is truly the scariest thing.

Brilliant, I will keep them crossed! And what a lovely Friday morning :)

I don't know about the Power of One but I did absolutely love April Fool's Day by Bryce ... it's about his son dying of Aids which is sad but it's a beautiful book...

Thanks for the rec, I'll look for that one next, although it does sound like a heart-breaker.

Seems kind of silly in a way, since many of them are people I've fallen out of touch with, and when my kids inherit these albums they aren't going to have the slightest idea who those blurry babies and smiling anonymous children are.

Ah HAH! Reason number one for scrapbooking. :) I know, I know...who has the time? I hardly have the time, but still, it's something I like to do. La la la...happy morning! Or whatever time it is over there! (I always get the backwards and forwards mixed up. I THINK if it's 7:26am in Chicago, then it's about 3:26pm in that right?) So maybe I should wish you a happy afternoon instead. :)

My, you're cheerful today! And guess what?! ME TOO! I got a call for an interview! woo hoo! *dances around*

I gotta ask: like a drain?

Sounds good on the job front! Hope something comes through quickly for you!

Hee! Well, that's what it sounded like...gurgling...oh, never mind.

as for the job front, I got a call today for an interview!! WOO HOO!

Good for you!!!!

Oh great job lead- I hope it works out for you!

And I got a call for an interview today, at Tetra Pak! Hurrah!


Hi Lizardek-- I am a longtime lurker. I just wanted to say a couple of things-- first, I hope this job comes through *fingers crossed* second, I have said the exact same thing about photos from friends-- I love their kids and want to see their kids-- but I want to see them, too! And lastly, thanks so much for the link to that beautiful post 'stardust' this morning-- what a way to start my day

Hi Bluepoppy! You're not a stranger :) I've actually lurked on your site quite often as well. In fact, I just recently read Chapter One of your story after Wee posted her illo for it, and am VERY impressed with your writing. I just saw you've got 2 more chapters up so I'm heading over to read them after dinner which is on the table NOW! aagh! gotta go...

This reminded me of when I was a kid at home and my cousin tipped back the dining room chair he was sitting one. The back legs snapped off and the chair fell over.The first thing my mom said was not "are you ok?", it was "how many times has your mom told you not to do that?". *laugh*

LOL! It's a common fight with my mom and all of 3 of us kids as well. I know she'll laugh her head off when she reads this! >:D

fingers AND toes crossed for the job
Stardust was wonderful. Thanks for the link. And Chez Miscarriage was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
"Tricks of the Trade" didn't work for me :-(

When my kids were young I made them each a photo album of themselves. They loved it. Each year (for awhile) I'd add birthday and other photos. We'd look together at the album on their birthday and they had access to it whenever they wanted. It was fun and self esteem stroking for them and gave endless opportunity for stories.

I did that, too. They both have photo albums of baby pictures. They haven't been updated though! I definitely need to do something about that!

Thanks for letting me know the link was broken on Trade Tricks...I've fixed it now. :)

You can send pictures of you and your kids anytime you want. I also enjoy Martins art. I hope you still have photo albums from college, you should show her those pictures.

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