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Not only has my first Free Friday been good to me, it's been GREAT. I didn't get anything done on the AWC directory, and I didn't stuff the regional goodie bags, and I didn't get anything done on my so-incredibly-long-overdue-family-webpage-update-it's-ridiculous work, and I didn't job hunt, and I didn't clean the house, but...
  • Karin and I had a lovely, relaxing, stress-free morning
  • We picked up Martin and went to Farmor and Farfar's and had a lovely, relaxing stress-free afternoon
  • The weather has been absolutely dog-day-summer-perfect all day
  • I got a postcard from the thoughtful and friendly esmecat, thank you Jenni!
  • I zoomed into town and picked up birthday presents for 2 parties the kids have scheduled and grabbed a bag of necessaries at the grocery store without hindrances or company
  • I got a phone call from Tetra Pak for an interview next week!!!
  • !!!!
  • Anders cooked a lovely dinner of grilled marinated pork chops, potato salad, grilled zucchini with lemon pepper and sliced cukes & tomatoes
  • The kids are running around outside in the purple-streaked sky evening sunshine laughing and playing with every ounce of energy in their bodies
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