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The sky I can see from the window is blue. Ander is gone for an overnight hiking trip and the only thing on the schedule today is drop off and pick up Martin for a birthday party. My plan is to drag the computer out onto the porch, wrap myself in mosquito net to foil the damned ARMIES OF FLIES, and work. Barring that, since I'm pretty sure the extension cords are only 6 meters long, I plan to take long breaks from computer schtuff to lounge with lemonade, run through sprinklers, spin my children in circles, and read with sunglasses in the sunshine. Got a better idea?

Poll #345453 Sunny Day Playtime

Yeah, I've got a better idea!

Having Friday free is like having TWO SATURDAYS IN A ROW.

Yow! Tell Us How You Really Feel! We're Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore (link via pegkerr)

Cracking Me Up: Anchoring My Rack (Rated G)

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