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Lots to do this morning and today. Having Friday off and having it be such a lovely weekend has really energized me. I've gotten SO MUCH DONE! I love that feeling of accomplishment! The kids are singing at the top of their lungs while they're cleaning up their designated tasks in the playroom. I have a medium-sized to-do list for today, but I've already got several things crossed off...and brownies are filling the entire house with their chocolatey delicious scent, baking in the oven. YUM! Martin licked the spoon, and Karin looked on in disgust because she dislikes chocolate. *boggle* How did I end up with a kid, a girl no less, that doesn't like chocolate?! Well, more for us! :D

We spent a great deal of the day in the sunshine yesterday. I sat on the deck and wrote birthday thank-yous while Martin jumped and played in the sprinkler and Karin played on the swingset because the water was too cold. Butterflies were fluttering and bees were buzzing about. The cherry tree got watered and the grass is green and has filled in beautifully during the summer months. I must plant roses and peonies (thanks for the reminder, bluepoppy!)

The sun is burning off the early-morning fog and the sky is already a pale, bleached whue*. It promises to be another gorgeous day. Today I must definitely go for a walk!! I've been too distracted by other things and a busy schedule since we got back from the States and I feel all weird and discombobulated because of it. It's darker so much earlier now that I can't wait until after Karin is asleep anymore. I'll have to go right when I get home from work, or right after dinner. God, those brownies smell divine!

*runs off to stick a toothpick in them and see if they're done yet*

*that's white and blue together. I was going to go with blue and white together but that would have been blite, which was not giving me the feeling I was going for here. :P Also, it makes me say WOO!, which is exactly what you should say when confronted with a sky this color.

updated to add I just figured out what my children are singing: The Lion Sleeps Tonight. hee!


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