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No new jobs to apply for today. Reached that conclusion after 1 hour at "work." Guess it's websurfing and blogging for the rest of the day. suck Actually, I have stuff to do, it's just not stuff I care about at the moment.

Karin and I went for a walk last night after dinner. Anders and Martin had also left the house about 5 minutes before we did, as Anders needed to deliver a notebook of information on Scouts to the other father that is going to be a co-leader. So, as we came around the corner of the daycare, we saw them up ahead of us just turning on to the snail trail. So, we hallooed and waved at them. After we got on the snail trail, Karin ran to catch up with them and we all walked together out the sunlit end. Then Karin and I headed toward the Scouthouse and up to Flyinge's own runestone, where we took some pictures, and when we came back out to the center of town, we saw Anders and Martin again up ahead of us nearly at their destination, so we hallooed and waved again.

Down we went to the mini-violet net and the nasturtiums and took more pictures before heading up Tulpanvägen*, where, surprise, surprise, we saw Anders and Martin AGAIN! So we hallooed and waved once more and they waited for us, and we walked home together. The other father wasn't home, so they had just dropped off the papers for him.

Pictures, if they came out well, will be forthcoming.

Liz: *telling an elaborate story* ...and you know my favorite black shirt? the one with the scoop neck and 3/4 sleeves, that I wear all the time?
Anders: *patient, but blank look*...No.
Liz: *pause*
Liz: *laughing head off* That was such a girl question and such a guy response!

Things I Do Well: walking fast, laughing, washing dishes
Things I Don't Do Well: playing stupid, dusting, going to bed at a decent hour
Things I Want to Do Well: parenting, writing, being a good friend
Things I Don't Give a Rat's Ass About: climbing the corporate ladder, learning to drive stick, the details of your sex life

Ja, Må Hon Leva Uti Hundrade År! Happy Birthday to studiozoe!

*All the roads in our neighborhood in Flyinge are named after flowers or trees. We used to live on Blomstervägen which translates almost literally as The Floral Way, and now live on Platanvägen which is Sycamore Road. Tulpan is Swedish for tulip.
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Things I Don't Give a Rat's Ass About: ... the details of your sex life

Ah shucks, just when I decided to tell the story about Anders, me, Sophie and the trampoline.

LOL! As long as it's not the story of Anders, you, Sophie, the trampoline AND THE PELARGONIUM, I'm content. :P

You two crack me up!
*boings on the trampoline*

I like your conversation. :)

What a lovely night :) And I love your list, you've inspired me to do the same tonight, copy cat that I am ;)

Things I Don't Give a Rat's Ass About: climbing the corporate ladder, learning to drive stick, the details of your sex life

DAMN! And just when I was gearing up to write about the time I drove a stick up the corporate ladder whilst 'makin' lurve' with jessie_pup in a ********* type fashion.


The thought of driving a stick up the corporate, er, ladder, is cracking me up completely.

Oh! You could always play another game of 'Who Am I?' if you're bored :)

Hmmmm!! there's an idea! I might just do that in a bit. :D

I can't do it when LJ isn't delivering comments to my hotmail address. :( I can't keep up with it otherwise. crud.


Hey, I think I recognize that shirt! :) If it's the one I have you'll have it back this weekend. I've been taking very good care of it: giving it a padded hanger, rolling it with a lint brush, hanging it next to like colors, etc. hehehe

haha! great! Hey!! Are you coming? Does the organizer have your registration form??? CALL ME! 070-6462047

Just don't confuse it with MY black and white favorite shirt with the scoop neck and three-quarter length sleeves!

No white! This one is all black! :)

what sex life? oops, oh... I mean...
" learning to drive stick"... around here people care for you, even if you don't...
don't drive a stick huh? we have that in common

Well, actually, I HAVE driven one, a couple of times (once for 2.5 hours by myself in Oregon!), but I wouldn't say I really know how to do it. Here in Sweden, I took the driving test with an automatic car, and as a consequence I AM NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to drive a stickshift here. Unless I really want to get that Alfa Romeo Graduate someday, it's not a problem. :)

Well, I've driven one too. A few times. That doesn't mean I can, or ever will, or give a rats ass about it. But some people I know care a whole awful lot of rats asses that I "can't"... like one of my daughters. go figure.
i think that's interesting that you've gotta test with one to legally drive one over there.. Should probably be so here, although I hesitate to suggest ANYTHING that complicates what a person can do without jumping through legal hoops.

Things I Don't Give a Rat's Ass About: climbing the corporate ladder, learning to drive stick, the details of your sex life


Although for me, substitute the bit about the corporate ladder to "playing corrupt county politics".

I do plan to elaborate - it's just that I'm still gathering information. Well, new information comes along every day, actually...

*laughing* remind me never to share the details of my sex life! with you!

Boys are generally no good at the clothes stuff - I will talk about a clothing issue or show a picture of something in Vogue - and The Boyfriend is completely NON interested. If I say, remember that really cool shirt of mine you like? He says, I have to see it ON you to remember. :( But I think I'd much rather have him be that way than overly critical or choosy about what I wear!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! We too were out of commission yesterday and this morning with the internet. I think Sweden's internet broke...or something. But we were in a bit of a panic as well.

Anyway, I wrote again in Swedish about my wild and crazy birthday. I KNOW there are grammar mistakes, but I don't care. I'm improving, no?

I'm so happy that you're getting interviews and staying motivated. You are my inspiration once I finally master this damned language. Usch. I'm EXHAUSTED. Totally slut. (my new favorite mix of language!!)

Totally slut! hahahaha! I love Swenglish! :)

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