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The gorgeousness that is the weather here in Sweden is burning so bright, my brain hurts.

Yesterday I talked to my brother on the phone, while in a cloud of interview euphoria, and he mentioned that he hurt his knee playing baseball, and I mentioned in a family email that I hoped it felt better and he replied that I healed the knee last night just talking to him on the phone because it's all better now but his ankle, which was the body part actually hit by the baseball still hurts like hell, and I WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM ON THE PHONE BECAUSE DAMN, MY INTERVIEW WENT WELL. Who cares about knees ankles when job prospects are shining brightly like the brightly shining Swedish sun?

Everyone in favor of my brother getting his own LJ raise your hand!

Incongruity of the Day: A loaf of bread, sans wrapper, lying upside down in the center of the Outer Lund Beltway. Dude, where's my bread?

Posting may be sporadic and sparse, not to say non-existent for the next couple of days because it is count-down T-minus 1 hour to leaving for the regional. And warming up. To sing. In front of 60 people. But you know what? That interview made me feel I could jump right over the moon. :) stagefright, schmagefright.

Running Down the Snail Trail
Running Down the Snail Trail

Flyinge's Runestone
Karin Supporting Flyinge's Runestone

Mutant Rosehips
Mutantly Large Rosehips

Karin and the Upwardly Mobile Nasturtiums (the mini-violets are to the right on the wall)

I'm a Little Playhouse
I'm a Little Playhouse
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*raises hand*

*pressures the brother*
Go onnnnnnn! You KNOW you wanna have us pester you daily! :)

I absolutely love (and also don't like at all, which is a feature of liking it so well) the first picture. It's so cute but it looks like she's running headfirst into an evil enchanted forest with a waiting troll, and I really would like to tell her to stop. ;)

It's her father and brother ahead of her! hahahaha!

Wooooo....thanks for the great pictures! Karin looks like she's having a great time on your evening together.

I vote for Lizardbro getting his own journal.

I vote for Lizardbro getting his own journal (because I am easily influenced and can be had).

*raises hand*

GREAT pics!
Have fun this weekend!


Loved the pics- especially enjoyed recognizing Anders and MArtin in the distance on the snail trail! More pics, more...can't get enough.! That's the grandma talking! :)
Break a leg -with the singing! Glad you're on top of the world! and as for the healing power- everyone has it, nice you're learning your own power!

Karin is as cute as a button!

How exciting about this job opportunity...clouds of Euphoria are such good things indeed!

Those Nasturtiums are so lovely tumbling over that stone wall. They make mine look like little babies in comparison. ;)

p.s. What's hanging around Karin's neck?

a speedometer :)

oops!! hahaha! I meant a stopwatch!

Karin is so cute!

/me raises her hand.

ooooh I love the picture of Karin running down the road! She's so lovely, and looks full of mischief, just about to spill over with fun.

yes, I am always in favor of people getting their own online journals/blogs. I keep pressuring the boyfriend into getting his own, thinking of names for him - even though I know the only people who would read it would be guitar enthusiasts. And me. ;)

Happy Friday!

Yes, I'm in favour of your brother having a journal.

And I'm in favour of moving to sweden after seeing those lovely photos - so gorgeous! Karin looks adorable :)

Good luck ... and ... good luck :)


HA! did you actually think that even for a mintue that I would fall to your evil ruse, and join up? Do you think I have the brain of a small creature and would actually fall for that pathetic excuse of psychology! Do you think that even for one minute that I would enjoy having feedback and interesting comments posted about my ramblings??? Or maybe even comments about my photos??? - (starts crying), well of course I would - what sane person wouldnt want to have a little more love and support in his-hers life??? Maybe some day....

To be continued...
lizardbro...(although I would have to come up with a better name...)

aha! he's hooked, I tell you! It's only a matter of time now before my evil plan comes to fruition. *rubs hands together madly and chuckles* muahahaha!


Hey, email me the original photo of Karin running down the snailtrail, I would like it full size... great photo.
I will print it out and mail you a copy....After I do some work to it.

What LJ account??? what is your evil plan...

played like crap at baseball my knees are killing me. I am too old for that sh_t

I tried to heal them from here,...try your ankle. hee hee hee!

Will email the photo, plus the other snail trail shot.

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