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Am bone-tired. In a good way. The Regional went off with a bang and succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. We rocked. And the...ahem...entertainment did a fine job, despite my 9th-hour freakout. The party was a blast and the food was indescribably good. The conference was full of entertaining, informative, inspirational and thought-provoking speakers. I've never been so proud and impressed by the women of my club. My 4 houseguests, including the wonderful reebert who is as charming in person as she is online, were delightful and easy to please and everything went great, except for the gigantic spewing forth of vomit last night by poor Martin, all over EVERYTHING in a 40-mile radius, after a day filled with a birthday party and Shrek 2 at the movie theater.

It is a day of weather flip-flops: sun/rain/sun/rain. I don't care though, because I am inside. Relaxing. Unwinding. Vegetating.

I needed this: a day off. My stomach has been in knots for several days because of interview #1 and the a capella performance (did I mention we rocked? I did? Well, it's worth repeating :) and will be knotting back up again by tomorrow due to interview #2 on Tuesday morning.

I got my write-in absentee ballot last week. The "official" absentee ballot is supposed to come later. The instructions included with the write-in ballot, which incidentally is a stapled sheaf of 8.5x11 xeroxed pages, say to fill both ballots out and mail them back. There you have it: Vote Early and Often.

Anders leaves tomorrow for 4 days in Italy (business. *cries*) and then, after returning and working for a week, will be LEAVING ME AGAIN for an entire week in the States (business again but with the Mall of America. *sob*). Without me. Without the children. A-lone. suck

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