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All my memories but one have disappeared! This is something that milly_bogtrot posted in her journal today, and she was talking about the LiveJournal function that allows you to mark entries in both your own and other's journals so that you can easily find them again.

But I thought, what if that were true?! What if ALL YOUR MEMORIES BUT ONE disappeared? What would you do? Which one would you want to keep?
  • learning how to ride a bicycle?
  • the way your mom held you and stroked your hair when you cried over losing something?
  • rolling out pie crusts with your grandma and getting a little round bit to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on and bake just for YOU?
  • canoeing on the Manistee?
  • teaming up with Julie to beat the crap out of Jamie and Benny in Euchre?
  • the last few weeks before school started when you took as much advantage of sunshine and playtime as possible?
  • lockerjumping with your best friend and playing Follow The Creep?
  • the slumber party where you talked about EVERYTHING and your girlfriend listened and didn't think you were silly or stupid?
  • the way you felt when moving overseas and contemplating what you were looking forward to and what you were leaving behind?
  • the fun of playing Famous People while painting the dorm rooms in the summer?
  • the first time you realized what you were meant to do with your life?
  • the feeling you had after reading that book, the one that changed you fundamentally?
  • your first kiss?
  • your wedding day?
  • building your dream house?
  • the way your husband/wife/lover looks at you just before and just after?
  • the birth of a child? how could you choose?
  • the way your children look when sleeping?
ONE memory.


My interview today went very well, and I'm fairly confident that I'll at least be seriously considered for the job. They told me to expect a call back to meet with HR next week. There are a couple of other candidates, at least one of whom is internal, and the salary range I gave was a bit higher than they had been planning on, but regardless, I have a good shot. Thumbs still held? Fingers still crossed? :) good!

What if I get them both?! Yesterday, Johan asked me what I would do if I got offers from both of these interviews AND he came with something from Ericsson as well? Ha! I said, then it's all about the money. :D But it's not really. I don't know WHAT I would do. Imagine that.

Pumpkin soup for lunch today = happy happy Lizardek!

File this under WTF: YATTA! Silly Go Lucky (click on the video link, go on, you won't regret it)

Darn You, Wee! This is SO Addictive! Make Your Own Snowflake (and you can download them in editable formats, too!)

Great Writing Out There Right Now: Balloons and Blind Mondays

*What Memory is, according to Cicero
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Now I want a piece of cinnamon/sugar crust!

My one memory would have to be something involving Mike. Not exactly sure which memory. I would tend to not want the wedding day memory because that day was way too stressful. Maybe the wedding night instead.

Without a doubt, the way Alex looks when he sleeps. It's the most beautiful thing in the world.


O I KNOW!!! I can't stop the snowflake making either. I'm soon going toave to start a twelve-step program. It's so bad that i actually lost track of time and snip, snipped my way thru my fave teevee show at the moment (Rerun of the Gilmore Girls first season.... new episodes starting Sept.22nd... mark your calendar!!) yesterday... and it was a GOOD one... one where Rory stays out ALL NIGHT! argh! (I know cuz I caught the last two minutes) And memories...misty watercolor memories.... oooo. That would be too hard. By the way, so you get the same tv programs in Sweden that we get in North America? It's so hard to imagine living in Sweden. Everytime I try, I just imagine bumping into Abba and the Swedish Chef from Sesame Street at the grocery store (which i am sure you do DAILY) and can't progress any further. xoxox Snow-Wee T. Snowflaker

It's awful! I'm a dickhead addicted, totally, oh you sneaky wee! You know what you need to do? GET FAT FRANCES ADDICTED! Then she'll leave you alone!

I chat with Björn Borg and Greta Garbo at the post office regularly, too. :P

And yes, we get them, but usually 6 months late, and not all of them, and not always on channels we get, if you know what I mean.

You evil conversionist you! *now addicted to snowflaking*



I love your new picture. And I liked that Balloons and Blind Mondays even though I don't like organized religon, but he hit the point on the head for me when he said that religon is a personal thing. Of course, I also like the balloons in church. It brought back memories (see how I tie it all in) of catechism, which I still can't believe I went to for all the effect it had on me, but the thing that I remember most was a quashing of our little individualities and curiosities. I think it sucked the innocence right out of us. That was the start of the turning away for me, before that I had loved the ritual and the goodness of the church and Jesus mostly because my aunt liked church and I liked anything she did. Then the reality came that goodness in the church wasn't a full time thing for them. They had done some very bad things. That just didn't sit right with me and today I cannot walk into any church and not feel my skin crawl for a multitude of reasons, but I'm still right on with JC and Buddha.

i thought the same thing about a single memory as i was typing that earlier, but it's a toughie. it'd probably be a memory that i can't recreate easily - like a time when my parents were happy together when i was young. i hope my memories with D will be made every day :)

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hae to choose among many offers?

It would be a miracle :)

Wow, well done you! This has been the quickest turn around from being down and out from a job loss to happy from prospects, that's so great :)

Now all I have to do is actually GET A JOB OFFER!

I would choose the one image that expresses the most of my life to date:

Oh, that's lovely!

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