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On my way home from work yesterday, I stopped at the store to buy Frosted Flakes and mail my write-in ballot, and while I was there I grabbed a cucumber and some watermelon, and a carton of milk and then I saw a Pettson & Findus children's magazine with a free Findus mousepad on it, so I took 2 of those, and why is it I can't just go in a store and buy the one thing I stopped there to get? And to top things off, I found the most unbelievably sexist crap in the candy aisle, you're not even going to believe this.

I still can't decide whether I'm amused or appalled or both, and if both, to what degree.


This is the illustration on the front of a bag of gummi candies shaped like breasts. It's marketed by a company called BonBon from Denmark, the ones that apparently run BonBonLand, but I couldn't find much information about this particular candy on their website, although they claim to manufacture "the funniest candy in the world."

Uh huh. Funny.

Very funny.

A bag of tit-shaped candy called Sillykoner (ho ho, get it? Silicon!) with pieces individually, or rather pairedly, named melons, onions, missiles, and balloons, as well as, for whatever weird reason, one shaped like a nose. HAW HAW! Stop! You're killing me!

Strange that there were no bags of PENIS-SHAPED candy. Now, THAT would have been funny!

Apparently, I AM still American where it counts, because appalled is winning.

I am not amused.

(Sillykoner package front, Sillykoner package back)

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o my gawd! TIT-SHAPED the Grocery store?! and marketed to kiddies?!!! Ack! I'm staggered AND appalled!! That is unreal! Sweden REALLY is a different part of the world. I left the previous message before I read your latest entry because the in-LAWS! they are descending! TODAY! And I haven't made my bed or brushed my teeth or vacumned up all the hair the Wolf has strewn about the house overnight... But O! The shock! The appalled-ness-ness of it all. Ack!!!xo Wee (the staggered, the unbrushed and theAPPALLED)

And have you noticed how those two PP's in aPPalled look JUST LIKE BOOBS?! They totally do!

So do the B's and O's in the word BOOBS. hehehe

OMGWTFLOL! They're everywhere! They're everywhere! haahaha!

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