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I just had a 2nd interview with Company A! She called me this morning and asked if I could come in this afternoon. It went GREAT!!!! I'm apparently the favorite candidate out of 4, and they've actually been re-thinking the position in the last 2 days since my first interview to make it more suitable for my profile! They have promised to get back to me with a decision/offer no later than Monday, and probably sooner. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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Rock on. ;>


You go BABY! Rock and sock'em at Axis--- they're gonna be yo' bitch for sure!


whoops-- that was me! *smiling*--- bluepoppy

LOL! I wasn't sure! I thought it was either you or wee or possibly my brother. Thanks for clarifying :)

Liz, you rock!!!! CONGRATS!

thanks!! I am SO excited! I feel like a huge rock has fallen off my shoulders!

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See, and look at all the stress you put yourself through at the start of this for NOTHING! You go, girl.

It WASN'T nothing!! honestly! I feel VERY lucky! A big weight has been relieved. I'm going to call Tetra Pak in the morning and ask them what's going on now that I have what I'm hoping is a sure thing in my pocket. whee!!!!

You are SO cool!

YAY! That's fabulous! Crossing crossables, though it sounds like you don't even need the luck ;)

Yay! I hope it's all that you're hoping it will be and more!

Way to go!!! :):):)

That's great news. Wouldn't it be fun to get an offer from the other place too? Then you could play them off against one another. A nice chilled glass of wine is in order for you tonight (if wine tickles your fancy of course!).

A nice chilled glass of Pepsi Max! haha! :) I'm calling the other one tomorrow to find out what's going on, since it's been a week since I interviewed. Maybe I can start a bidding war! :D

I'm still holding my thumbs!

Congratulations (on at least the good chance) and good luck! :)


Goodness! Well done. Changing the postition to suit you!


oh, hooray for you, Lizardek! This is a very smart company! I am so proud of you, finding a job so quickly - or almost finding one, hope this doesn't jinx anything! Get thee behind me, jinx!

Wow that is fantastic!!!!!


Holy Crap! You're going to have a new job before I do! Grattis! (But you're killing me...seriously.) ;^P

I know!! I keep thinking about you!! I can't feel guilty, though, I just can't. :)

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