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Up early, left at 9:15 for a 6-hour choir practice, dinner and evening at the in-laws, home at 9:15, full circle. I'm bushed wiped out.

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Hee, hee. You post the best links!

a 6 hour choir practice? What? I would go completely insane. I can barely stay focused for an hour long rehearsal.

what a busy Sunday for Lizardek!

We have a huge concert program coming up the middle of October, with 5 big concerts, and 150 places to fill at each one. We're doing a spanish theme, and in addition to our choir, there is a flamenco dancer, a saxophonist, and a drummer that are working with us. I'm doing the flyers and programs too. We have another one of these 6-hour practices in 2 weeks. I actually don't mind though. After so many years of not singing, it's nice to be back to normal :)

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