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It's been pouring rain here, the kind that REALLY gets you wet. You and everything else. Giant skating puddles of wetness on all the roads, constant spray of wetness on your glasses, your umbrella, your windshield. This morning, the sun made a brief appearance and then ducked back inside its cloud cover. Green things are flashing their red and orange undergarments. A huge long hill of sugarbeets glows dully in a field. The landscape is pulling out its winter wardrobe. A field near Flyinge is rolled out in chocolate velour. Some are swathed in tawny corduroy, the remnants of shorn, stalked hay. If you brushed your hand back and forth across others, the colors would change from paling green to brown, like watered silk. The silver undersides of willow leaves shine; more rain is on the way.

Getting out of bed in the mornings is getting harder, too. The weight of darkness in the mornings presses you down.

The only thing better than eating sushi is eating sushi that you made yourself. Last night's sushi party to celebrate our successful regional conference was a total blast. We had a huge table with 15 people around it chopping, rolling, slicing, talking, drinking "cab sav" and laughing. The sushi was delicious! Karin went with me since her soccer practice was rained out and she and 2 other little boys watched videos the whole time and then came out for dessert, none of which Karin would eat since she DOESN'T LIKE CHOCOLATE. *boggle*

She doesn't like bread, either. Or cake, or most cookies. It's probably a good thing, in the long run, since all those things have contributed to an awful lot of weight angst in so many women, but it sure is weird.

A friend of mine sent me a short video clip from the regional of us singing Donuts & Coffee. It's the end of the song and we were getting silly and reeling a little with the effects of singing in front of a crowd of friends. How bad do you want to see it? :P

I'm getting my hair done at lunch today, and then heading over to Company A for my 3rd interview, with, woo hoo, beautiful hair. Which will make me irresistable. They'll HAVE to offer me a job. Last night I was trying to sum up the pros and cons of having to choose between these 2 jobs, assuming I get either one. I just now realized one of them I will most likely have my own office, or at very worst have to share with 1 other person. At the other, total open landscaping, without even the comfort of 4.5' bookcases around me. Hmmm....

reebert! Your jacket is on the way!

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what? not like chocolate?! hmmmmm

the badger test must be said im not a badger but i must from wisconsin. :)

and i would love to see that video clip..hehe

I want to see it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!! :)

Yum! Sushi party!

show the video!

*raises hand to see the video*

your first paragraph about the puddles and rain was just lovely, lizardek!

I can't imagine having sushi that I made myself. I would eat all of the rice in one go, and that would be disasterous! But - you've given me an idea for my supper!

I bet your hair is boss. Karin is lucky she doesn't like carbs; bread is my downfall

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