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It's windy today. REALLY windy. The wind is OUT to get us. It's trying to blow trees down and our collars up around our ears. It's trying to snatch things out of our hands. It's dancing up a storm.

An hour and a half of being grilled, but tenderly, as if they wanted me medium well, so I feel pretty good about interview the third. Have been assured that I should be hearing something before Friday. Don't know what to do about the other job possibility, but wait. Am thinking that maybe my choice will be made for me? Am also thinking about writing sentences that begin with actual pronouns, but nah.

I caved yesterday. I bought a best-seller. I have a thing about best-sellers. I don't want to buy them and I don't want to like them. Because I'm a snob, if you must know. Books that appeal to the greatest common denominator aren't usually books I want to read. If that many people like a book it can't be that good. And even if it IS good, it's not usually the KIND of book I like. Only once in a very blue moon am I proven wrong. I've been waffling about this particular book for a long time. My brother told me I'd like it even though it was a murder mystery thriller, and then Emily told me she was reading it and kept thinking about me, because the book kept reminding her of me and she knew I'd like it. And Camilla said I'd probably like it, too. Soooo, because I forgot the book I had just started the night before and needed something to read at the hairdresser yesterday, I went ahead and picked it up yesterday. I read 20 chapters at the hairdresser and later, after the kids were in bed, I went to bed myself at 9 because I was tired and not in the mood to do webwork, and ended up reading until 11 because I couldn't put it down! What's the book already?! The Da Vinci Code, of course.

Okay, You Asked For It: Donuts & Coffee Sung by the Regionettes (sorry it's not the whole song)

Wonderful, Wild, Brightly-colored Birthday Wishes to milly_bogtrot!
mood: calm
music: The Regionettes—Donuts & Coffee

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That was a wonderful song! *laugh* Thank you for my morning smile.

It's wonderful, I love it!!! :)

My friend was just telling me AGAIN this week that I have to read The Da Vinci Code - she said the same - that she couln't put it down. And further, it made her want to do more research in at least 4 areas.

Great Userpic!

I can't listen to the song right now, I am at work...

Da Vinci Code was definitely a page-turner. I don't know that Dan Brown's actual writing skill is that great--many of his sentence constructions are rather poor, actually--but he tells a good story. Also, I'm a sucker for the Knights Templar and related stories. RumsJanne tells me I must read his _Angels and Demons_ as well.

:) I understand the snob thing. Totally.

Oh whew! I'm glad I'm not alone in the snob thing :) I agree that Dan Brown is not the greatest writer, but he DOES know how to tell a story and build interest. :) Im not the only one like that about best sellers. Really, everyone has told me how great that book is and for some reason thats the reason I cant bring myself to get it. Im the same way about most movies people freak out about. Maybe its my way of rebeling...they say 'watch it!' and I say 'no..never!! muwahahahhahaha'

LOL! I'm the same way about movies, too. There are so many movies out there that people rave about or that become "classics" and I finally see them and am just flabbergasted that people like them.

oh, Lizardek, thanks for the song clip! It was very funny - don't you love trying to sing when you've got the giggles? It happens to me at church, usually it's a praise song that The Boyfriend and I have found funny, (he likes to imitate very earnest worship leaders who let songs last for twenty minutes for the sake of comedy, always, of course, in rehearsal) and I have to try to keep it together.

The Da Vinci Code - oh, what fun! It's completely unputdownable. I read it just once, and then gave it to my little brother - and I've never seen it since.

Mosiac Minds Poetry

Is the submission address

Aren't you the poetry editor? One of my friends sent me her poem that is exquisite and I'm encouraging her to send it to you.

Re: Mosiac Minds Poetry

Yes, it is, and yes, I am :)

I'm not a best seller list kind of reader either but I've been wanting to read The DaVinci Code. My sister has it on her shelf but it's on loan to her from someone else, much to my disappointment. I don't borrow borrowed books.
I'm glad to hear you say it's hard to put down. Since we hate some of the same popular movies, I think our opinions on books could be similar, so your one sentence is as good as a page long review.

Good luck little lizard!

Sending good Universal Capricornian vibes your way for a quick and unbeatable job offer this week!


(the following is a sort-of-paid advertisement and should be taken with a grain of salt)

I think you should make a distinct effort to be the first person outside the United States to purchase a little-known book called On the Devil's Payroll.

It normally goes for $29.95 US; I personally can sell it for $25; and I'm sure I could figure out some way to get it to you without charging much (or maybe anything) for shipping.

Oh, and I wrote it. And it comes out next month.


:) I know all about your book, and I actually have even looked it up :) but I haven't gotten around to doing anything about it, for which I apologize. Partly because it's on the expensive side for me... is it hardcover only?


Oh the Da Vinci Code is so awesome-- not for the writing, but for the subject!!! I don't dare say anything more until you are done but oh---- I loved that this concept got put into the mainstream and the mainstream LOVED it!

I swear I'm not a book snob. I've read my share of bestsellers, many of which I've liked, but I hated The DaVinci Code more than any book I've read this millennium. I wanted to go back in time to recover all the hours I wasted reading it. I thought the writing was so bad. Dan Brown does this annoying thing where he won't tell you what has just happened or what someone has just seen for absolutely no reason other than to build artificial suspense. Dave Barry wrote a funny column about it at

I think I also wasn't impressed with it because my father was into theology and philosophy (he even went to seminary), so I'd heard a lot of Jesus theories and Magdalene theories before. I didn't find any of the revelations to be shocking or new. And they were presented in such a pedantic manner they bored me. So many scenes in that book are just people sitting around talking or lecturing little Sophie.

Anyway, that's my rant. I know I'm in the minority on this one.

Hee! I love it! Thank you :) You know, I had read so many mixed reviews of it that I was already prepared for the poor writing, but I actually did get hooked even so. I've read/heard many of the theories before, too, and guessed some of the others. I guess the timing was just right...if I'd been anywhere but the hairdresser, I would probably NOT have picked it up. Thanks for the Dave Barry link, I LOVE it!


I'm not gonna comment on the Da Vinci Code thang, 'cuz I haven't read it (although i can most definitely vouch for Bluepoppy's crazy love of it). And I'm not gonna plug any books I've written ( not for any shining and noble purpose either, but because...sadly... they aren't any. Otherwise, rest assured, I would be absolutely relentless in the flogging and the foisting and the shameless self-promotion !!) Nope. I'm here to compliment you on a wonderful sentence fragment. "An hour and a half of being grilled, but tenderly, as if they wanted me medium well..." you slay me!!! i'd hire you one the basis of that sentence fragment alone. And the pronouns? So over-rated. xoxoxo Wee

Would work for you in a hot second, wee :) XO!

Don't know what to do about the other job possibility, but wait. Am thinking that maybe my choice will be made for me?
This is our situation to a T! Our #2 choice has agreed to wait a bit longer for us to find out if we get the #1 choice offer. #2 told DH today that even if he accepts another job that he wants to keep in touch with DH because he is very interested in having DH work for him for his Subject matter expert knowledge for a project they are going to be doing.

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