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Autumn nights are spooky. The sugar beet factory is pouring the remains of sweetness into the air. The fog is so low it looks as if the road is steaming. Light slides and stretches and all the streetlamps are coronaed stars. The moon lets it all hang out, its fat white belly glows brightly in a black, black sky.


I didn't hear anything yesterday at work, and left a bit early to run some errands. Then I talked with my sister for nearly an hour about upcoming birthday and Christmas present ideas, because we Slaughters are all about doing that gift-giving thing RIGHT.

At 5:45, 5 minutes before I was heading out the door for the parent-teacher meeting at Martin's school, my mobile rang. It was Company A. Squee! went my brain, here it comes.

Now I feel a bit like the girl in the fairytale, who has gotten through the 3 tasks set to her by the greedy king. I have spun straw into gold 3 times, and now I have to guess the name of the little man. Instead of offering me the job, Company A asked me to complete a final task for them: doing a layout for a promotional piece. Sure, I said, instead of asking why. So, the weekend will be spent doing layout designs in my head. Since I'm not in the office today, I said I would have it done by Tuesday, but I intend to get it done by Monday afternoon. In fact, I might do 2, one conservative and one a little more out-there. And then when I am finished and it looks good, I will send it back with a 1-word message: RUMPELSTILTSKIN. :)

bull moose

I just got an email from an old friend who is infected with the knitting-crocheting madness to the point of ponchos insanity. STOP WITH THE PONCHOS, PEOPLE! I'm begging you! The world does not need more ponchos!

For the Vegetarians in Sweden During August: Nayfish

Cracking Me Up: Greece To Me

Ja, Må Hon Leva! Happy Birthday to lisalou!

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