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My husband is the most careful person on earth, which is usually endearing and occasionally frustrating (for someone as impatient as I am). This character trait applies to his driving skills as well. He's not a slow driver or a stupid one, and has owned 17 cars and 9 motorcycles in the course of his life and regularly drives track days. In other words, if it's not clear enough already, he's an EXCELLENT driver.

Which is why I was very upset on his account when he came home last Friday and told me that the police in Gothenburg had called him regarding a police report made by a woman in Gothenburg who claimed that Anders had hit her with his car while in a parking lot and then left the scene. Anders told me the story, which happened while he was on a business trip with 3 other colleagues a couple of weeks ago. The woman appeared out of nowhere at the window of the car, screamed at him for several minutes and then, with her friend, walked into the building, leaving Anders and his colleagues stunned. As the woman had disappeared, they left, since they had to get back to Malmö. Anders said that as far as he knew, he hadn't hit her, hadn't seen her anywhere near him, hadn't felt anything with the car, and neither had the 3 other people in the car with him. The police officer who called Anders to talk to him about it told him that he should have gotten out of the car and talked to the lady, that he shouldn't have left the "scene of the crime" (WTF!!) and that he could lose his license for it. :( He got the names of Anders' colleagues from him and said he'd call back later.

The weekend passes. Anders is totally stressed out.

Yesterday, after work, Anders tells me the policeman called again and they're closing the whole case. "What?!" I say, "What happened?" Turns out that the policeman verified Anders' side of the story with his colleagues, called the woman back and asked her if she still wanted to press charges and she admitted that she had "exaggerated a little." That he hadn't actually hit her, just come close, and that she had been very shook up and angry when she made the police report. WHAT THE FUCK!?!? Unbelievable. SHE was the one that left the scene, and she put my husband through HELL for FIVE days because she couldn't be bothered to tell the truth and reported someone to the police for something they didn't do!!! ARGH


I was so tired yesterday that I didn't even want to go to choir practice, but I'm glad I did. All I want is to sleep for about 24 hours. Why is this a constant dream for me? :) Too much to do, and not enough time to do it in, I suppose. However, I had to laugh as one of the new songs we started yesterday was that old Easy Listening classic Killing Me Softly (which, actually, is great fun to sing in 3-part harmony).


I just heard that Anna Lindh, the Swedish Foreign Minister, died this morning from the wounds she took during a knife attack yesterday. :( Unbelievable that this could happen, and it feels worse here in Sweden, which is considered and feels so safe.


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