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pumpkin haul

not my baby
Liz and Kids (the baby belongs to a friend :)

pumpkin prize

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Fabulous pictures!

PS- I got my jacket, thanks so much!

Thank you! I'm glad the jacket arrived safely :)

Cool pictures!

Thank you :) They sure are colorful!

Nice fall pictures. Your son and daughter look very sibling like in these pictures! How did Karen luck out on the straight hair? LOL

Anders' hair is stick-straight, too. :)

What is it about gourds that everybody loves? Maybe because it's such a fall thing and who doesn't love the fall?

They're so delicious and so handy (you can make canteens out of the shells, or birdhouses!) and SO PRETTY!

ooo...I'm in the mood for fall. Its incredible how much your children look alike! No mistaking them for adopted children :)

Fantastic pictures! Your kids are adorable (and you're right, Tage and Lydia would indeed be a force to be reckoned with!).

I could use some pumpkin-y goodness up here!

thank you :) Are there no pumpkins to be found there? They should start showing up in Swedish grocery stores soon, if they haven't already.

The kids are so cute, your picture posts of them always make me smile. And gourds! I have gourd envy now.

Everyone should have gourds, agourding to me. :D

That baby in the second photo caught me by surprise for about 10 seconds! I thought maybe I'd been skipping too many entries here.

You mean you've been skipping MY ENTRIES?! Serves you right if I HAD had a baby! >:P

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

because everything has been blown and washed away? :P Hope you can keep your head down for the rest of hurricane season.

The kids are adorable, but I'm especially happy to see a photo of YOU! It's really nice to have some image of the person one has been talking with for months. I'm big on real names, too. So thanx for the pix.

Haven't you seen pictures of me before? One of my userpics is my picture, plus I'm all over my family website :)

*Sigh* we don't have a proper fall here ...those colors are so beautiful!

Great pics, the kids look like they were having fun!

Okay, now it feels like autumn! I love the pics! I want a pumpkin too :)

Looks like a fun time! :) You had me worried there with the baby for a second....

LOL! She refused to lie down in her carriage or car seat. She wanted to be UP where she could see all the action, and since she's a little chunk, her mom couldn't carry her AND Halloween pumpkins at the same time, so I helped out :)

Oh! You make such a beautiful family. Did you find that baby in the pumpkin patch? :) You have such cute moppets for children. And you are a cute mommy.

:D In a manner of speaking :) She's the daughter of a very good friend of mine, who couldn't carry her AND pumpkins simultaneously. The baby, whose name is Kaisa Madeline, refused to lie down, she wanted to be in on the action. And thank you, you're too sweet. :)

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