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Liz: Put your arms up so I can pull the shirt down over your head
Karin: *complies then realizes her hair has done the static-flat thing and scrunches up her face in despair* Mommy, my hair is...gross.
Liz: Gross?!
Karin & Liz: *giggle madly*

Liz: *glues popsicle stick to decorated fabric- and rubberbanded-ball ghost* Okay, Martin, there you go.
Martin: *reaches to pick up ghost*
Liz: No, don't touch it yet! He has glue up his butt!
Martin & Liz: *giggle madly*

It’s only a little mark, but its misuse arouses more bad temper: Possessive Apostrophes
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music: Indigo Girls—Something Real


It has occrred to me many, many times that you inhabit a very strange household... and that the reason it's strange, is largely your fault. ;>

You say that like it's a BAD thing. :P

Oh not at all. It's merely an observation. :>

I don't know how Anders copes with three kids :)

He's leader of the gang! :P

The possessive apostrophe with names ending in s, I don't really care about. It's the its/it's thing that drives me nuts. And the "greengrocer's apostrophe!" I see them everywhere. Car's and truck's and airplane's!

Lion's and tiger's and bear's, oh my! *giggles*

The its/it's always seems hard for others to get down, and I don't know why that's so difficult. The one thing I hope doesn't happen is when the apostrophe disappears for possession because then it'll be hard to know the difference between plural and possessive forms. I already think it's slightly weird that in Swedish, they don't use an apostrophe for possessive forms. Just stick on an 's' at the end. That's just me.

Oh yeah, here are some more apostrophes in case people need them. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Huh huh huh, you said "butt."


It's okay.... you can tell me. That Possessive Apostrophes article was directed at me, wasn't it? 'Cuz you're all like wise to my punctuational incompetence and such.

xoxoxox Wee

P.S. My hair is gross today too.

:D You and Karin should get together and go bowling :)

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