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2 beautiful layouts designed and sent to Company A. No phone call yet from Company T. sigh

Too busy to think straight, I feel like the White Rabbit: no time to say hello, goodbye! I hate single parenting.

Cracking Me Up: Changes planned by George Lucas for the next release of the original Star Wars Trilogy

Must Buy One of Each: lowercase tee

Gotta Run!
mood: rushed
music: zooooooooooooooooooooom


And Companies B-S??? They seem to be suspiciously absent from the entire bidding war....Wouldnt you love to work for company BS? or actually do you?....since they are paying you to search for other jobs, and play on the internet all day....Hmmmm. something happening here.

Not even interested in Companies U-Z are you? they really have nothing to offer seeing how they are stuck at the end of the Alphabet and most likely couldnt offer anything worthwhile.

Its not single parenting getting you down. its your kids.
Send em down to Aunt Simone for a while.


ho ho ho, you're funny. :) I didn't play on the internet at all today, I'll have you know! I was WORKING, I tell you.

Also, they're on their way.

no offense but misery loves company and no news for us either today!

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